Adjustments to make for mtts (sure fire way to win!)

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2 days of observations and adjustments i am making since i started grinding mtts instead of my regular sngs

Learned a few more things about mtts since i started grinding them to clear make up

1. If somebodys up 300k, don't worry, they probably break even at 25nl and $15 sngs

2. Everybody wants to dick swing, let them. Just enjoy the free equity that comes by tightening your range since nobody knows what a fold button is

3. Almost all mtt regs respond the direct opposite as to what they should for ICM, so be aware and tighten up. The natural response a sng reg has to icm situations is the big stack has a larger distribution of equity and isn't taxed as much when we shove so our shoves become infinitley worse. So we need to fold more and only shove a range that directly correlates to theirs but much tighter then what CEV is.


>>>proceed to shove far wider then whats +EV even in CEV.

4. Don't expect them to make big laydowns, just re-read step 2 on how to beat mtts and tighten up.

5. Nobody knows what a limp strategy is blind vs blind and raise you way too wide. Limp more shove-able hands

6. Since everybody doesn't know the basics of what an opening range is, just peel even wider then you normally would from the big

7. Since everybody responds the wrong way to 3bets it might pay to make your first 3bets light. They automatically think they need to 4bet insanely wide.

Normally if you get 3bet light too much the response should be tighten so you can have more value. Don't expect to see that, just expect to see identical opening % ranges crashing into eachother in button clicking wars.

8. Regs will attack you for literally no reason. They weren't selecting their 3bet reasonings like cash or sng regs. It wasn't to close their opening range down and take a profitable spot, it wasn't because you were isoing a fish wide, it wasn't because you fold too much after peeling a 3bet. Its because you play professionally and they have cards so YOLO

Cliffs: just be tight, MTTs are easy game.

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