Bigbluffzinc/Quadvquadme/Grindheaps now offering staking + coaching for low to midstakes cash players!

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http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/222/staking-offering-stakes/bigbluffzinc-cashgame-staking-1488716/#post45224903 For those wanting to apply please post here on 2plus2!

Hey tiltbook
We are now providing long-term staking and coaching for Low to midstakes Cash players. Please note, we do not yet have an area for players who wish to apply for stakes of above 200nl but may/likely will in the future, as well as those successful within the stake getting the opportunity to move higher. This stable is specifically for cash, those looking for MTT/SNG stakes can feel free to apply to the other stables offered by BBZ on 2plus2.


bigbluffzinc: A repeat Supernova Elite grinder who has mentored other players to success in both MTT's and SNG's. He will be providing oversight and financial stability to our operation but is not expected to participate in any of the coaching.

Grindheaps: A cash game player who plays limits of 100zoom to 500zoom with impressive volume and solid work ethic in both study and play. He is the primary coach of the stable and very easy to work with. He will provide a solid mathematical approach as well as general all around good logic.

Quadvquadme: is a SNG Specialist who has more or less played every format at one point or another with the bulk of the volume being at $100 to $300 6 max turbo/regular speed sngs and highstakes MTTs. Now starting to grinding cash at 100/200 zoom. A student and long time associate of bigbluffzinc. The administration and secondary coach of the stable.

Relevant Coaches Stats:

(Grindheaps cash stats end of 2013 to 2014 w/ no rakeback)

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(Quadvquadme's lifetime SNG graph @ 44% RB)

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Our Approach to Your Development

This is a team designed by Bigbluffzinc to improve and develop applicants we consider qualified for the opportunity. Bigbluffzinc has worked with hundreds of different players across a range of different buyins and believes this combination of coaches provide unique value in their ability to improve the quality of your skill set as a poker player in addition to dramatically improving your win rate with deliberately engineered game selection. Any group Bigbluffzinc is partisan to support and develop players first. With this talented group you'll shortcut your way to the most valuable books really worth reading, training site content worth watching, and thought processes worth developing. We believe in a solid backer-player relationship with mutual friendship, respect, and loyalty. Players who join the stable will also be able to join a Skype strategy chat with the coaches and the rest of the team.


We are looking for long-term staking arrangements with hardworking, trustworthy, and intelligent cash game players. The staking agreement will include hands on training and chat from both Quadvquadme and Grindheaps (vast majority grind heaps) in the stable.

Please note, we are only accepting players who are currently playing 25nl to 100zoom. All higher stakes applicants will have to wait until a later date.

To Apply Please Include:

- Positive references / No negative feedback in the poker community
- High Level Work Ethic
- Moderate Skill Level
- Willing to constantly improve their game, by taking coaching and working off the tables alone.
- Willing to take advice and listen to instructions
- Willing to provide audits and screenshots of play history
- Screen names and sites where you play,
- Minimum of 100 hours of play time per month
- Provide graphs or other proof of your poker career
- Communication Skills: English (be able to understand conversations about poker), Skype, Teamviewer, Microphone
- Ownership of one of the following software's (PT4 or HM2)

As well as sending us a pm, please ensure that you have posted in this thread.

We are looking forward to your application!

for those interested, please post in this 2p2 thread!


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