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Amaya has gone to war with regulars, here is why i think they have and what will be to come...

So since Amaya has taken over we have experienced a few changes

-Introduction of Spin and goes after huge reaction from the sng community saying no

-Introduction of 'competitve' rates on currency exchange and withdraws to tax regulars

-Increased rake in HU cap games, 25/50 cap games, hu sngs, hyper turbo mtts, hyper turbo satelites, Spin and goes as well as KO torneys and

-Removal of battle of the planets


So why is this happening?

Well my theory on this is that when Stars was bought out by Amaya they had the goal of breaking the US market, and they may have found this harder then expected. So they set out to maxemise profit on the site instead and increase their books to sell onto another buyer in order to make the company look like an incredbily profitable venture. So the next step would be to attack the games at which the least amount of rake is paid starting with HU.


HU is not great for rake for a couple reasons, first its the lowest variance game where fish lose their money faster then anything else. So as a result instead of having loads of pots where money is exchanged back and forth due to high variance the fish lose their money, the reg cashes out and the money is gone with minimal amounts of rake paid. This means starts profits are hurt so by increasing rake in those games we will see more rake being paid as well as fewer regs playing them.

The second thing is that any small edge games like hyper sats and MTT hypers are targeted because fish love the gamble. They pay the most through these and as a result. Now there is a slight silver lining to this, hyper sats originally were designed to sat fish in but due to the constant crushing ability of regulars the games were 5 regulars and fish seldom got through. This means the MTT itself was tougher. So for you mtt regs out there there is your 1 slight upside...

The 25/50 games were targeted due to the regulars there already making hand over fist in profits so this doesn't have that bad of an effect all things considered. The rake is very low proportionatly that your bb/100 will increase in theory at a 6max table as you move up the stakes if all regs broke even vs eachother.


Regulars don't earn the site as much as they would like due to the fact that we all reach high VIP status's. While the fish may not pay as much individually their individual dollar of  rake is actually recieved by the site a lot more. They get lower rakeback and often don't generate enough vpps to buy anything.


Now Amaya will keep telling us that they are 'caring about the players relationships first and foremost' but thats more like smiling at your friend after you just did his girlfriend in the back of the bathroom at a dodgey club.


The increase in rake on spin and goes only effects fish basically because they were mostly fish to begin with because due to their horrible structures regs refuse to grind them. So since that area is fish infested, we will see a huge quantity of money going in stars pockets and fish won't complain about rake because they don't understand or notice it.


I predict in the comming months we can expect potential....withdrawl fees because they are 'competitive with others'.

-removal of the 1million dollar supernova freerole or it will become a lower requirement to get in with a hyper or turbo structure.

-introduction of re-entry tornaments on most mtts which will rake every single entry

-increase in zoom rake due to low variance

-a changing to the structure of all VIP status's that favour some form of gambling such as reaching a status no longer unlocks rewards that are cold hard cash but more unlocks a reward that are bonus dollars for the new casino online that will be opening.

-increasing of deposit bonus's with casino chips to use


Now what effects will this have on the community? We will see a shifting in regular concentration area. Most regs will move to mtts and make them harder, some will shift to cash. Many will reduce their volume on this site and start multi-siting which will result in reduction in their VIP levels and increase in rake stars recieves in future per dollar from them. Weaker regs will go broke and have to quit, many stables are about to fall on hard times.

Some regulars are saying lets strike, but the fact is....stars just wouldn't care.

And not all regs would strike either, they would probably see soft games and register.

So what options do we have left? I think its about time we start sending emails to sites like 888 and party to look at improving their software. If we can get this happening the reg economy can balance more. We need programs like table ninja to focus on sites like 888 and party to create software that works with their's and hopefully make the site more playable. As players we also should be advocating people not to play stars as much as possible (im talking fish). Because word of mouth is effective and the more it spreads the more fish will play on alternative sites.


We need other sites to start communicating with the player pools and actualy get them pumping blood through the sites. They have a huge opportunity to balance out this horrible monopoly that stars has.


For more information about this current storm please check out this 2p2 thread: forumserver.twoplustwo.com/28/internet-poker/announcement-pokerstars-changes-rake-spin-go-prizes-battle-planets-1485512/?highlight=



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