Fighting The Addiction (not what you expect)

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Not what your thinking lol (not drugs/booze/sex/gambling related)

This blog entry is gonna be a tad off-task from the regular poker talk but i figured it needed adressing since its a significant attempt to right my life. You see since i was the age of 8 iv had a serious addiction to video games. Now lots of you might go, well its only video games. But i don't think you realise the extent of my addiction. 

Iv got a steam account with roughly 280 games on it, of which iv played 250 of them through to the finish, and loaded up easily over 4,000 hours on this account. 

Iv got a guildwars account with 2,000 hours

iv got an xbox with over 80 games and 50k gamerscore and thousands of hours

Iv got a ps2 iv spent countless hours on in the thousands 

Iv also got a game cube, and a gameboy.

Also not to mention countless hours on various MMORPGS (also thousands)


To be quiet honest i think all up out of my 21 years of being alive, assuming i slept for like 8 of those, it wouldn't be a stretch to say the remaining 13 years, 4.5 could probably be accounted for on a computer (literally 4.5years straight) 

This has seriously damaged my volume, ruined a lot of potential experiences i could have had, and stopped general growth as a human being. All those hours i could have been learning something i spent inside playing video games. 

Many grinders will be able to tell you they either used to play video games competitvley or  played alot of them in the past, and its no real surprise, the skills do translate over to an extent. 


So i decided to go cold turkey, iv uninstalled 200 gigs worth of games on my computer, iv deleted steam, blocked myself from every gaming website i can think of. The last time i quit within a week i had already read every university study up to date and a week in advanced, got a decent social life back together and went to the gym regularly. Unfortunatley it fell back into regular patterns with a little lack of self disiplin. 


Without video games i honestly think achieveing SNE will come with ease even with my current behind pace situation. Its literally been that many hours i could have used grinding that iv thrown on video games. 

So as of now iv set myself a goal to go cold turkey on em, and fill my days with actual hard work and accomplish something. That was really all this was about.

Poker wise the golden sng promo is over :( i got 2 goldens (2x 30 and 60) and didn't cash in either, but im not complaining about the free $180. This month i made -$2 pre rakeback, and ran 16k above ev, but i found im missing some more spots in pre flop and also found a faster more easy way to study icm which has significantly helped me :D 

Anyway goodluck to everybody XD

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