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‎”The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” …so remember: great achievements take time, there is no overnight success. – Leo Tolstoy

For a long time i had battled with the  idea of swings on personal rolls. When i began poker i had a dream, to be able to afford $11 mtts and not worry about going busto. Well since then im accomplished things i didn't think i would ever reach. I quit the backing deal i had with my backer (who i won't mention here but we finished on good terms and the choice was in no way personal). And il be grinding my own money up.


As of now iv been grinding 15 hypers to get back up to my regular limits, its been fun going back down to a soft limit and being at 30s made me feel like i earned my keep there and as a result it improved my meta-game vs regs at 15s who i feel i can cut through quiet easily. My results thus far :my results so far

Overall 15s are considerably softer to 30s (mostly due to the sne grinding ability at 30s for the really huge volume players) but i must admit the fustrations of running into guys who flat q5s from the big blind when i raise utg then proceed to call their stacks off when i bluff does get a tad fustrating time to time, also icm suicide calls are more frequent (lol). My bankroll as of writing this sits at around 4.7k so another 1.3k and il be moving up to 30s HUZZAH!


Unfortunatley on a trip to the gym a dog bolted across the road at the last second and tried to bodyslam my Subaru Impreza. The dog was ok and ran off but it left my sasha (yeah i name my car/pc/whatever object that needs naming sasha since it sounds sexy and russian and foreign) a little broken in the front bumper department. Soo it gave me an excuse to start saving for a body kit to put on my car. 


This left me wondering though about Russian woman who date poker players and the financial sufferings they must go through on a weekly basis. Cold 5betting everybody can have pretty big variance so when i reach Super Nova Elite i have decided to make $200 freerole for all the Russians on Tiltbook to partake in in order to put their wives mind at ease as a sort of Charity event as a thankyou to all the Russian woman for sticking besides their men. Unless they want to come over to New Zealand in which case im equally if not more-so happy. Goodluck to you woman of Russia.


SNE pace has been hurting a bit as a result of my plans changing but they'l be back on track by around mid-year i aim for as i plan to hit 100s and 60s and possibly 200s later in the year and they are huge rakeback earners so no real worry has set in as if i make sne, plus i have some sick $250 prop bets running on whether il make it or not.


Besides that ANZOPS is starting tonight, which is just a small online series for kiwis and aussies but with names like MATTtheMaori and wakainga registering im sure this will be one of the softest 215s available lol.


Outside of poker iv been pretty active, went to action world which is this kick-ass place where you do stuff like tight-rope walking, trapeeze thingies, and rock climbing. Hitting up tree adventures later, and the regular drinking and arcade/movies/bowling lifestyle im accustom to.


So il leave you with some links as per usual :D


1) A song that iv had stuck on repeat : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0GRhK3W0_Y 

2) A sick anime series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNIKc9eS2a8 

3) A poker series that looks like it just started but i enjoyed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QjOds9Ewlo&list=FLy3stgeB4gGuSHgKX0JefDQ&index=1 



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