Hobo's, Epic laydowns, and Sexy Gandalf

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Weekly words of wisdom:
'Always borrow money from a pessimist, he won't expect it back'- some guy

Whoa hold up there :O this weeks blog ain't no regular blog. This blog has a theme-song to suit the epicness (or lack of and hence-made up for by the song). This ain't no longer a blog, think of it more as a 'cinematic reading experience'. 


So without further adue i give you my second blog entry (cue epic build up followed by readers expectations being destroyed, just like Tiger Woods clean image)

(click the video link below for the music)


So this last week was eventful in its own right, since my last update iv drag-raced an old lady, dropped a few kg's, final tabled my 1.1k live event with a quick exit, and had one of the luckiest hands go down ever in my favour.


But lets start by thanking the gods for a laydown a man made restoring my faith in live poker permanantly. 


The hand began on the bubble of the $1,100 reprecharge event i was in 5handed on the bubble.

oh snap

I put a raise in utgwith AKo to 2bb with a 35bb stack, quickly flatted by a player we will just refer to as  'the monopoly guy'

It folds around to sexy gandalf in the big blind who has roughly my stack and puts in a raise to 10BB

At which point i snap-jam the second his raise size left his mouth.

Monopoly guy folds behind and its back on Sexy  Gandalf, after which he goes into serious thought mode.

At this point i said take your time buddy i won't call the clock. So he responded by saying I CALL THE CLOCK ON MYSELF

and then after another 30 seconds throws Kings up onto the table and says I FOLD in a triumphant tone.

I couldn't help myself and showed the weaker hand and he quickly went into explanation mode.

Had he called id probably have hit the rail being that 1 of my aces  was already dead and he had me covered slightly

I ended up busting in a standard spot in 8th place for $2350 or w/e. Small field small return. But the memories i got while playing there and people i met definitly made it worth while. 


Later while exiting the casino i ran into a gang of hobos who attempted to distract me, not feeling safe with 4k in cash on me i decided to evacuate.

Iv had a long-running history of hobo run-ins ranging from bus-stop battles over who gets the seat (i normally subdue and let them take it, im not one to kick a man while hes down....or trying to sleep). To awkward times such as walking back after a good live session and after being begged for money bending over feeling generous and donating one dollar. Of course while bending over i realised the zip on my wallet that normally hides away the notes was open and hundreds of dollars were being shown. She noticed then immediatley looked insulted when i handed her $1 so i started running. 

You see the way i look at it is casinos are kind of like the hobo-homelands. While they might not be rich enough to enter, they sure are misfortunate looking enough to take money off the lucky winners for the day, like a sort of hobo-street tax. 

Im yet to find an anti-hobo method that makes them avoid me, iv been practising my crazy-eyes look but since i look 16 i don't think i can quiet pull it off yet. If by now your still listening to the epic music just imagine me in some sort of vicious hobo-battle with knives and lots of flying roundhouse kicks. 


As far as my grind goes iv started adding in 60s to my schedule to make up for missed vpps, and my $500+ daily streak still remains unbroken for the last week or 2 :) 


So il leave you with these :D happy grindings all


My current grind beat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze8vaaXub8I&list=FLy3stgeB4gGuSHgKX0JefDQ&index=11 

A random WTF video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBnuVfx8uVA&list=FLy3stgeB4gGuSHgKX0JefDQ&index=29 

All those downswinging: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3xmJ6IMfHY&list=FLy3stgeB4gGuSHgKX0JefDQ&index=228 you could be that guy so cheer up :)











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