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Who says shot taking always has to go bad? Generally shot taking for me in the past has had some big sucesses, and some big fails as expected. 


-First time i went from playing 2/4 razz to 10/20 razz when i was 17 and dropped a grand (half my bankroll at the time) playing a fish who thought it was stud hi.

-First time i played a live mtt ($1.5k buy in) and proceeded to get 5,800 for 8th 

-First time i played 30 hypers and immediatley dropped 1k

-First time i tried shots i ended up in a near-hospitalised state


While my past shot takes havn't been that sucessful i moved up this month from 15/30 games which i was grinding while on my own roll to playing 30/60/100 and even a couple 200 hypers. While my results for those games may be standard variance, iv been flipping out a bit since im not used to the swings they give (and yet to endure the damage). The games are definitly great for VPPS and i no longer need to grind 8 hour days to keep daily pace, and now im also able to do a little bit of catch up since im still miles behind pace of SNE. Still due to changing limits, general busyness etc. 

Graph of february (Pre-rakeback): 


So somehow i managed to have a 5k day and ran brilliant in 60s/100s and out of the 4 games i played at 200s i think i won 2 and came 2nd in a 3rd.

On top of that im currently positioned first to take down the uranus battle of the planets high orbit standings which hopefully holds up for an additional 1k (fingers crossed). So needless to say im pretty stoked :D, that brings my to month profit for january and february combined to around 17.4k 


Besides that a few things have been on my mind that id like to talk about in relation to backing/being backed, changing limits, and general use of money.


You see as poker players we have the ability to make huge sums of money, but that is often our downfall specially while backed. Players often get an upswing, forget how long their downswing streches can be and go and spend it up. Of course when their downswings hit they all of a sudden need loans and can't afford rent. A professional may be good at the tables, but they should make it part of their job to be good with money away from the tables too. I personally attempt to keep a year worth of expenses ready in my bank account so if need be i know im safe for a good period of time. This only really came to my attention due to current backing deals/past backing deals and looking over applicants for new backing deals. Not only is being careless with money outside of their backing deal harmful to them but it actually stops alot of backers from touching them as a result. 


Nobody wants to back a player who you may have to invest furthermore capital in outside of the backing deal if the player runs low on funds. SPECIALLY Mtt players. Those guys have sick losing streches of even up to 6 months + and when they win they normally score big. Unfortunatley its a flaw within the human species to not really save or hold onto something. For example buying bulk, in theory its great. But when we buy bulk we also use bulk because we get this feeling of relaxation since we have plenty to spare we don't have to worry about running out. 


Another thing that really has been on my mind while i moved up the limits is how dangerous it is if backers have unreliable horses. I know multiple people who have gotten cocky and felt they can beat the limit above them and moved up, which is fine if they're prepared to move back down or grind out of makeup assuming things go bad. But many of them aren't and thats the huge issue. 19 year old kids who have no fall back plan go into 5 figure makeup or even larger 4 figure makeup at their respect limits and instantly just start to give up. Which is why while iv moved up to higher limits im prepared to endure the brutal downswings that this can bring and iv prepraed myself money wise to outlast these downswings too. I won't be taken victim or let anybody down. See the players i respect in the poker world are not the guys who get monster wins, or even the guys who have the balls to shot take with their money and move up huge limits. Its the players who fall deep into make up and even while they might not have the best situations money wise in their life, proceed to tough it out and grind for long long periods until they're out of the red (Talerric your one sicko in my books) although i am in no way insinuating that Talerric had money problems for the record merely his hard work ethic.


My VPP total for the first 2 months totals only 74k which is extremely behind pace ( i needed 166k as of 1st of march). However im making gradual daily gains now with my grinding and learning as i go. March will be busy as uni starts again, my 21st birthday goes down, and a couple family related events. By the end of march im aiming to have Supernova 200k :D 


Since this blog edition had some pretty serious tones to it il leave this on the end to lighten everything up again :D


1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvOK80ewm2k&list=FLy3stgeB4gGuSHgKX0JefDQ&index=2 my insta-off tilt video

2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGeKY6_5Egg seems like advice some of my ex girlfriends took

3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_0haEUXB78 A nice fail compilation to make your poker fails feel better

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