The good, the bad, and the Tilting

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When i last blogged i talked about being out on my own roll once more. Well not surprisingly (to me anyway) i quickly found myself back with a backer with a very long-term agreement put into place which i am actually very happy with :)


Once i started on my own roll i quickly built it from 3k to 6k, then dumped 2k back and stressed far too much. Iv done that plenty of times before being backed, but when i have my own personal roll on the line it just feels drastically different.  So i talked to my backer and im back to playing 30/60/100 hypers with selective mtts i want to jump into :).  And i must say this took the stress right away :D, life feels better not having to worry so much about debts being paid. Yes i think iv found the route i want to take in my poker career. And while i did that i found plenty of leaks i saw right through while being stressed. 


The best part of this all is i should be back on pace for SNE in no time playing higher buy ins. ANZOPS finished and i found myself wanting to go on a murderous rampage after about 30 minutes of sitting in the $215 main. Watched muppets call cold 4bets with 7To then stack off bottom pair for 150 big blinds while i missed a bunch of draws. 


Me and fellow friend and poker player David 'Missoracle' Yan also are recruiting for a new stable:


Just incase anybody wanted to apply


Besides that I had a bit of an ah-ha moment about fish as far as the style they play across different stakes and how you should be adjusting accordly. Like fish @ 15s are more inclined to 3bet jam or openshove trash more but when compared to 100s they're generally easier in a more passive style.


Which could explain partially why i had such a big downswing at 15/30s calling too liberally and shoving too wide.


Anyways next blog updates gonna be a big one :D 


And congratz to tiltbook for getting 5k users!




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