What Game is right for you? A look into pros and Cons

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Just me writing my thoughts about the game types, pressures, development and choices

Pros come in all forms of game types, specializations and skill levels with earning brackets. This post hopes to look a little into the various types of opportunities available, the pros and cons of each game type and the natural pressures that surround the regulars choice of game and why the regs have built the reputation type they have.

There are 3 basic types of regs

1) Cashgame regs

2) Sit and Go regs

3) Multi-table tornament regs

The major difference between them is due to the skill types they develope or don't develope.

Cashgame regs:  Are pushed into an enviroment where they're put into senarios with very deep stack depths, majority of the time no antes, and towards 50nl and above a very high % of regulars to fish ratio. They also have an extended timebank which il talk about later in this post. As a direct result of the reg count CG pros generally become very good at playing other thinking opponents. This means they have very developed metagame, postflop gameplay, and plenty of interesting dynamics. Due to the fact that the fishcount is low they also have a developed exploitative game due to the fact that when they do get spots vs fish they need to maxemise their earnings every hand. 


Sit and Go regs: Face pressures in similar respects. Sit and goes at any buyin above $30 begin to face a very high number of regulars in each game. Its not uncommon in a 6max sng to have 4 to even 6 regs in a single game. As a result SnG regs too face pressures to become better players as they're forced into many pots vs thinking players quiet often. They also have the added advantage of improving their short handed game as player counts drop as the tornament progresses so they should have well developed heads up, 3 handed and 4 handed ranges. As well as a good level of knowledge of one thing that the other 2 game types lack, ICM. Since most of the game is involving icm at every point it is crucial to learn icm in order to become a profitable player and not throw away your share of the prizepool by making a mistake calling too wide or too tight. Finally SnG player's best strengths normally come from preflop ranges and push fold. Whether it be 3bet shoving spots in relation to an opening positions %, calling a shove from a 12bb player ripping it in 3handed on the bubble the spots constantly come up and are constantly studied.


MTT Regs: These guys have little pressure to get better but for good reason. Imagine being addicted to cocaine and strippers and walking into the redlight district with Tony Montana at your left. They are playing in the wonderland of poker dealing with tables that have (on an average 9 handed table) anywhere from 3 to 8 fish depending on the buy in. They basically print money by jumping into any mtt due to the fact that fish are very attracted to these events that offer a small fee with massive pay off. Fish and players alike also tend to view Mtt wins with a level of 'glory'. You can thank WSOP for that. As a result the lack of pressure from frequency of good players running into eachother means their developement process is slower than normal and generally speaking mtt regs are the weakest form of reg. They have many misconceptions (which il save for another blog) and badly structured ranges and poorly understood theory concepts which leave them doing many stupid things at the tables. Like every category here there will be regs who are absolutley terrible and regs who are genius, the mtt reg area tends to have more terrible regs than genius's. But why would you need to be one? There are less people to exploit you so you don't need to worry as much. Due to the fact that the regs are underdeveloped in most areas other regs generally don't have much to learn from unless they think outside the box, or watch the next phil galfond training video and start to question things a bit more. One thing they do have going for them is their ability to adjust to sliding stack sizes and degen with huge figures up in the top pay outs that could make or break their year.


So heres a summary of some of the weakness's of each reg iv noticed in my time playing

Cashgame regs

-due to no such thing as 'icm' as cashgame plays off chip expected value at all times, they often make costly mistakes in the times they do dabble in mtts and final table, or satelites and sngs not understanding relative hand strength vs their equity and newly adjusted ranges

-Due to there being no antes often in cashgame, cashgame players tend to peel different ranges to what sng and mtt players would. They're used to playing deep and deep poker means position matters more. Sng and mtt players peel wider on the basis that they don't have to worry as much and folding with antes is worse.

-They aren't necessarily great at multi tabling. 4 tables of zoom has a much different feel to playing  18 tables of mtts or sngs which is a pretty important skill in general

Sng Regs

-Due to the constant short stacked nature of sngs us sng regs often have under developed deep stacked games and find ourselves in a world of interesting spots when we do jump into deeper game formats that we might not regularly get into.

-Because we have shortened timebanks or increased table count we often get less time to make decisions, this results in mistakes at the table which can make us look bad at times. But this can also lead to under thought out spots without regular study away from the games.

-At the higher limits most of the sng regs grind towards Super Nova Elite, being that rakeback is such a significant part of a sng grinders earnings its crucial to reach higher ranks on the VIP reward scale in order to maxemise earnings. This sadly can often lead to horendous hours for long day to day streches to keep up with the SNE pace. Its more of a 9 to 5 job. This can lead to lack of study in spots, and general high stress levels due to not many breaks to relax.


MTT regs

I want you to imagine every possible weakness a player can have.   Now put them in this section. Yes mtt regs generally suck at everything (sorry guys). Im not saying im not spazzy either (sadface), but in the great scheme of things this statement is true. 

-Underdeveloped ranges

-Poor reg vs reg play generally (which is actually ok cause the other reg probably is bad too, but often due to little metagame due to run in frequency)

-Lack of ICM knowledge (while better then cashgamers, they don't reach icm heavy spots often enough to really force them into extensive study)

-Random spastic ego wars

-Lots of them try to run every table they sit down at opening far too wide


-General huge egos based on the fact that most of them have won some huge 80k score at one point or another

-Over the top bluffing, they have this idea in their heads that they need to bluff super frequently to win and end up attacking other regs for no reason frequently.


So now onto the attractions/notes of each type

Cashgame Regs

-you'l become really complex at poker

-low variance in comparison to other games

-Less multi-table stress

-Less worry about disconnections (trust me, it hurts for sngs and mtts)

-Stable VPPs for whatever your trying to achieve

-Actually half decent promotions that cater to cashgames (boom hands, milestone hands)

-If you can beat 500zoom you can get quiet a solid high hourly, potential for higher games are always available too

-ability to stop start sessions at the drop of a hat

SnG Regs

-variance isn't great but its not horrid either

-you will develope and become a better player

-if you like 9 to 5 hard long hours for grinding then this is the path for you

-you can start and end sessions with a cooldown of only 90 minutes depending on the sng speed you choose

-your hourly will be pretty time dependant. sometimes the games die sometimes the ga mes run constantly. It tends to fluctuate quiet a lot. Hypers are incredibly infested but the games are heading that way as all the traffic seems to be right there.

-not an advantage but i thought id throw this in here, at the end of the year games SUCK due to sne chasers doing a last attempt rush

-reduced freedom due to SNE often being a goal which is unfortunate, but once you aquire the status you can jump into harder games due to a higher rakeback  %

-Battle of the planets promotions

MTT Regs

-You don't need to be that good to beat mtts

-If you win the sunday million you can buy a house overnight

-Variance is huge, and years can be made or broken on a single big final table due to the buy ins that run throughout the week until the sunday grind being so diverse

-its hard to have a losing year

-Glory (cg/sng regs go un-noticed for the most part)

-Pocket 5s....lol....

-While fruits ripe for the picking its probably smart to keep picking. Games are getting harder, and mtts are the softest so theres an arguement to be made that mtts should be where everybody moves.

-No obligations to SNE chase since on mtts the rake is so small (HUGE BONUS) that making SNE is impossible

-Frequent big mtts run with promotions and series and leaderboards



So i hope you enjoyed my ramblings, if you agree/disagree with anything iv said or have something to add/ask feel free to throw it in the comments.

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