Workload, downswings, and Stripper Poles

 photo Quadvquadme: :D Poker player by day, superhero by night
"Stupid is as stupid does."
-Forrest Gump

Poker is a funny game profession-wise when you look at it. Its one of the few jobs out there that after hard work or long hours you can actually go backwards in progress. Now since my last blog iv been doing plenty of thinking, plenty of study and plenty of ah-ha moments have been had. Over the past few weeks a number of things have happened.

1. March began, and poker wise it has SUCKED. This is the worst downswing iv ever had dollar wise, buy in wise i think it could be far worse. I was playing 200s/100s/60s/30s with a high abi so this was to be expected. That beautfiul upswing that happened last month has ended up being pretty bad this month and im actually heading towards a break even pre rakeback year so far after 12k games. Now most of this would be attributed to running horrible at the 200s and 100s, but i can definitly confirm that iv been playing far from optimal and been lazy with study and volume.marchfuuu

Now while i could be banging my head against the wall right now screaming iv taken this situation and im looking to turn water into wine. Iv upped my study hours massivley, quit video games (for the 6th time in my life) and with some hard work iv found a tonne of leaks both pre-flop and post-flop. Iv been spewing redicuously hard on bubbles, and almost always finding excuses to put money in the pot rather than fold pre-flop. My style even changed which im now adjusting once again. At this point im feeling pretty confident i will turn it around and regain it all. After some hard work and perserverence i should see the results i want and that graph start turning upwards again :)


2. I had my 21st birthday :D which was a night of drinking too much, and spending the night at show girls (strip club). As well as tipping some guy in a baby diaper at the strip club with stripper money. We also found a random bar that happened to have stripper poles that my friends and i gave some good attempts.


3. I started uni and while iv got some work to get through before Aussie and the WSOP-APAC it should hopefully all be done by the end of next week.


As far as study goes, iv found the best way personally to study pre-flop ranges is to screenshot any situation that pops up, and create a slide show that has the spot in 1 picture, and the correct ranges in the next giving me a good shot at putting it all to memory and helping it all become second nature.


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