Yearly Sum up

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A look back on the year

2014 was an interesting year in which i learned a lot about the mathmatics of the game, as well as mistakes and commitment.

So the year started with the aim of SNE but after falling behind i for the second time gave up. I quickly fell into a god downswing in MTTs with absolute bricking the entire year

(i have an impressive resume of final 2 tables or early bustouts at fts) and after 2200 games at an average buy in of $76 i pulled an impressive no cashes above 5.3k and a downswing of 65k on them.

This was particularly fustrating as i coached a few mtt regs this year who all pulled 80k+ years, in the process i did learn a lot about table selection and variance.

My selection in mtts has generally always been good, im not ego-regging 109r 6max's with 90% regs like the other guys are (im not sure why, a lot of the regs automatically are break even or losing). The rake is very low and the play is very soft which is a fair trade off for large variance. Its how a lot of the players who are definitly weak or losing in cashgames and sngs can make a living at the cost of sanity. Nor have i played 55x 2nd chance turbos or the $33 2r1a small fields with 75% regulars even though they are very beatable.

In saying that i did play a few 1k/2k/5ks during wcoop which added up quite fast. Running bad at your highest buy in is a recipie for failure. So as of 2015 my goal is to basically grind out of the mountain of makeup mtts so kindly amounted and once im clear only consider the softest sunday mtts such as the milly/hots/b109 and 162. And more or less miss everything else, or completely quit mtts as i have little desire to put myself through them anymore since they not only fustrate me but lead to general anger seeing lower skillset spewy regs who would be losers in the games i play regularly win huge amounts. When i play sngs and cash i rarley have this problem since those who can't make the cut lose quickly.

This year brought my lifetime results in majors to...
Big 22 (15th/11th)
Big 55 (2 final 2 tables no FT)
Hot 55 (15th/14th/10th)
Big 109 (10th/13th/14th)
Hot 109 (8th not sunday)

$215s (18th wcoop/9th warm up)
As well as ft bubbles in $215 megadeep/$215 megadeep turbo/11th 90r for all 3 888 majors

This isn't meant to be a cry but more illistrate the rediculous variance that mtts can bring just by running bad in a crucial moment flips can ruin a year quickly, a couple flips in any of those tornaments and my mtt year would have looked very different.

mtt graph 2014

(MTTs on stars for the year with a $76 abi)
Table selection on sngs after i did the maths was also quite eye opening. The amount of regulars throwing money away 5regging and 6regging games thinking because theyre against 3 regs they consider fishy is rediculous. And earlier in the year i was guilty of opensitting the lobbies when i knew these regs who were not educated on the matter would throw themselves into it. As a result i increased my own variance and cut down on my own profitability out of sheer lobby lazyness.


In the sng department i changed formats a lot (cash/sng/husng/mtts) etc so the volume wasn't as great as i had hoped it to be.

sng graph

Towards the year end i hit a big downswing in $200s and $300s and as a result dropped a fair bit.

At current im roughly 20k under ev according to pt4 for the year in sngs, and if i had to estimate between 60 to 90k under ev in mtts

For a grand total earnings for the year of -6.3k post rakeback for the year. Unfortunatley EV coupons do not pay the rent so in 2015 i have made myself goals.

SNE or a minimum of a $100k year profit or i quit the poker scene and get a real job. Iv got my seat for the $10k aussie millions main event next year already so il be flying over in january for it and then returning to grind the living hell out of sngs and cash.

Anybody who said poker is easy as a job clearly either grinds micro mtts or actually runs at or above EV. My volume for the year did however deserve punishment. I grinded 2 months of sngs over the entire year and 3 months of mtts, this could have been 5 months of volume overall.

Positives on the year are now that i run a stable for cashgame players with bigbluffzinc.








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