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8 days ago
I kinda feel sad and depressed. I used to have a document on my desctop where i would write down whenever belthazorr would flame me. I don't know why, but it made me happy and helped with downswings. Due to the current zircumstances, hyper traffic went down massiv, grinding more tables and not beeing able to focus anymore on chat and a shift in me not beeing one of his prime targets to flame, i sadly cant continue to grow my collection. I started to late writing them down and it ended to soon. Here is what i achieved: more top 5 pls german nazi scum run better fag ofc you read my blog posts they are awesome only sex you will ever get *talking about hookers keep hitting tard get cancer keep hitting tard na zi always with better hands i guess you are a stalker germans will allways be germans f*ck tard

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