Im quitting poker!...for 3 months.

 photo radazatl: 180mans and MTTs.
Summary of last few months, plans about future and free coaching!

Hey guys! How is it hanging?

Before I start explaining why I won’t be around for 3 months, let me go back in time 9 months as I would like to recap shortly the wild ride I was on the last half a year.

9 months ago I came back from the USA, after fifteen weeks of total poker abstinence. I came home with newly-found lust to play, learn and to make some money again. Soon enough, I was at the biggest final table of mine ever – of Red Spade Open with almost 300k up top. Long story short, 9-way deal, with 85k for me, fell through because of one dickhead wanted more and few hands later I committed ICM hara-kiri, my 55 did not hold against AQo and I bricked my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I busted out 9th for 16k. I knew I was never going to make a FT of a 36k entrants tournament again and this feeling of despair hit me every single time I remembered this for next few months. Added to my natural liability to feeling depressed for no particular reason, it was not fun times at all. If anything good came from this, it opened my eyes greatly regarding ICM, which was a pretty expensive lesson, probably would have been cheaper to buy coaching from Pessagno or something.

Anyways, the poker gods soon showed me their merciful side and let me final table quite literary everything in a span of 7 months. Sure, my game improved rapidly the last couple of months, but I was obviously on a ridiculous heater. The reason my game improved so much is quite simple, I think. After almost 4 months of no poker it just felt much more as fun to play again. I don’t know about you, but the pure joy of playing disappeared sometime around the time I left micros. It almost feels like the higher stakes I play, the less enjoyable it is to play. I am not a natural gambler, I do not think, because I just never enjoyed any sort of gambling as slots or roulette. It is the game itself, that I found gripping and entertaining. But after 4 years of playing poker, the game becomes more of a stereotype, which, of course, leads to having to force yourself into playing and what is even worse – auto-piloting your every decision. When I got back after the 4 months of hiatus, nothing was automatic decision for me. I had to think about almost every spot again, but this time with much better knowledge and decision-making capabilities than the first time I learned stuff. Anyways, heres my all-time graph with the break highlighted. There is no way of ever really knowing if it was the real reason (alongside with huge portion of luck), why I crushed so much, but it definitely looks like it was.

So yeah, this summer I am coming back to the Death Valley of Poker (the state of New York does not even have regulated US market), so I will not be around much. I will definitely follow what’s up on TB and troll as usual, but I will not be posting any graphs. Maybe, if you’re interested I might post screens of my paychecks and brag about the most hours worked in a week (my record from the last year is 78 hours), as I think it might be for a lot of “never-worked-before” poker grinders something completely otherworldly, haha!


Anyways, I do not plan to be completely out of touch with poker this time and I decided to coach one student for free! So, if you:

Play MTTs/180mans.

Do not have profit over 30k.

Are interested in getting my advice from me.


Then write me a private message with your screenname and few reasons, why I should pick you. Simple as that.

Thanks for reading, take care!

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