February Review

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Update #23: February Review

Alright, it is time to wrap of the month of February. I started the month with the plan to grind 2.5/180s only in order to clear MU or at least a part of it (about ~1.1k at the start of February). Unfortunately I ran a lot under expectation in them overall. After some discussion with some fellow grinders I realized how much equity I am burning with just playing the 2.5s so I moved back to 3r and 8s.

That being that I didnt play a lot since I made that move last Saturday. I was in a pretty bad mood not about poker but about life in general the last few days and did more or less pretty much nothing.

Anyway, here is my graph for last month with a ~$11 ABI for the 3r (90% of the volume is in 2.5). It doesnt include the five MTTs I played last month (-$41 in total). So I finished the month up $305.



One the one hand I am somewhat satisfied with my volume as I grinded more than my target for the month was but on the other hand it could have been way better without the slacking / better time managment. Even I fall a bit short on the theory side I am still OK with that.

[x] 1k games (1199)
[ ] 42 hours theory (34)


Anyhow, March must be a break through month for me. Money irl is still super tight and I def cant afford to have another month where I make about $4/hr. So no more excuses as I have to sit down on my ass and grind this month.

Targets for this month:

[ ] 140 hrs played
[ ] 1.8k games
[ ] 20 hours theory

I will continue to play 180s for the most part I think but with the up coming Micro Millions I will also play a few more MTTs again, too.

On top of that I have to write at least one homework (~10 pages) for uni so March will be pretty busy for me and I have to manage my time a lot better than I usual do.

That post is already way too TL;DR so I will do some errands before I get on the grind for today. Tomorrow is my bday so that will be a day off. Then on Sunday I will play the 7A Sunday Million. #OneTime

That's about it, thanks for reading and gla in March!

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