January Review

from my 2+2 thread

Update #13: January Review

Alright that presentation for uni was a much bigger undertaking than expected and in the end it didnt even work out like planned. Sigh, w/e I guess, just two more weeks and than it is time for semester break.

Anyway, January wasnt too much fun overall. At the start it looked like my downswing finally stopped with the start of a new year but instead it hit a new peak of ~$3.6k (about 400 ABI). At least it is somewhat positive that I am "only" ~1k in MU but bills are piling up irl so there is def some decent pressure to make some money sooner rather than later.

Goals for January were:

[ ] 1k games

Nope, but still happy with the volume as I just played 15 days the whole month after I didnt play the last 8 days of the month at all. So in a more "normal" month I had def crushed that goal with no doubt

[ ] Platin Star

Just 1.8k VPPs so not even close lol but I will not stress myself too much with VPP targets for now

[ ] clear the rest of the reload bonus on FTP

Nah, I didnt rly play a lot on FTP anymore because both their schedule and the overall game quality is so bad that I dont rly bother playing there atm

[ ] 42 hours theory

I just got 18 hours theory in but that okay because I learned a lot this month for sure

So without further ado my graph:



Targets for February:

[ ] 1k games
[ ] 42 hours theory

Thats all for now

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