The Start

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what's up everyone? I made already a few PG&C threads in the past but this time I really want to stick to my goals Laughing

Since my last PG&C thread a few things changed for me poker related but most notably I have a backing deal for MTTs (and 180s) since last month.

Here is my graph since then:

My main goal for the next year is to move to Malta. The current poker climate here in Germany is very uncertain and after some considerations Malta looks like my best choice for a few reasons:

- the poker community is pretty big there
- weather is great all year (warm summers, mild winters) 
- local residents speak English 
- reasonably low rent prices
- within the EU and not so far away from Germany

So overall it sounds like an awesome place to live and grind. I have no exact scheduling when I will move to Malta as I need to sort out some stuff irl before I can make that step and obv I need some funds for that, too.

Speaking of money, I will not set any profit goals ITT because they are out of my control anyway and just cause a negative mindset most of the time. 

Instead I have some subgoals to my main goal:

1) 12k games (MTTs + 180s) in total / 1k per month / ~230 per week

2) 100k VPPs on PokerStars

3) Diamond Edge Status on FTP 

4) 500 hours theory (training vids, HH reviews, DB reviews, etc.) / ~42 per month / ~ 10 week

Ok, that's all for now, so let's win all the gold and let a dream come true Laughing

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