Week 1

cross posted from my 2+2 thread

One thing I forgot to mention is my disappointment that the Double Deuce didnt run yesterday and I am overall not really happy how Stars runs FTP 2.0 in regards of MTTs.

Anyway, it is time to have a look at the past week. First of all the graph:




I am pretty happy with my volume given the fact last week was NYE and I had two days off as well. As for results I am somewhat satisfied but it could be obv always better right Laughing I think I am lacking a bit effort in regards of studying theory atm but oh well. Obv I am already a fair chunk behind SN pace but that was expected.

monthly progress:

210 / 1k games 
441 / 7.5k VPPs
3 / 42 hours theory

As it is the first full week in 2013 I will set some weekly goals because it is always better to break down goals into smaller subgoals. For this week I am setting my goals are bit on the nittier side because I have an important presentation next Monday and so far I did not nothing for it lol.

weekly goals:

[ ] 200 games
[ ] 6 hours theory

No VPPs goal because the amount of VPPs I can earn this week depends so much if I have enough time to grind out some MTTs sessions (which means more volume on other sites) or if I am just able to put in some 180s sessions here and there.

Ok, thats all for now. Thank you for reading.

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