Week 2

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Update #7: Week 2

Sorry for the lacks of updates in the last week but there was nothing rly interesting to post about.

My graph for last week:



So my volume is under the 200 games I set myself as my weekly goal which sucks a bit but there are a few reasons for that. First of all I had not that much time to grind last week, and when I had time I was not rly fit healthwise and/or or I had some weird issues with my PT4.

I also met on a Friday a fellow grinder from Canada for a few drinks and with no suprise I had to take Saturday off from poker :D

Yesterday was a poker free day for me as well but it was a planned one because of the presentation I had today at uni. Just sucks that I finished the presentation in time only to be rly sick today so I had to report sick :(

Anyway, at least I am happy with the amount of theory work I put in last week which is about 7.5 hours so more than the 6 hrs I set myself as my second weekly goal

On a side note I played a few 45s in my last two sessions and I must say that I find the format pretty interesting and that I am maybe playing them a bit more in the future.

Anyway, before I come to my goals for this week some random brag :D



Goals for this week:

[ ] 350 games
[ ] 10 hours theory

gla this week and thanks for reading!

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