Week 6

cross posted from my 2+2 thread (Monday)

Update #17: Week 6

Yesterday was another theory day so volume wise last week was super meh. This is a bit suprising to me bc my gf was out of town of a few days so I had a lot more time to grind than usually. However I didnt rly feel too much like grinding mainly bc my energy level was super low the whole week for w/e reasons.

Anyway, at least I was not complete lazy and worked a lot on my game.

Graph (2.5/180s)




Weekly Targets:

[ ] 500 games (140)
[x] 10 hours theory (14)

The plan for this week is to grind more again and to reduce the theory time a bit.

[ ] 400 games
[ ] 7 hours theory

It will be interesting to see what impact the new payouts (BTW my proposal ) will have on the 180s.

No poker for me today as I just cooked dinner and after that it is time for the city derby. 

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