Week 7

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Update #19: Week 7


Alright, I didnt grind on Sunday so I ended the week with the numbers above. I am not too unhappy with the amount of games I put in bc I only played 2.5 sessions last week so that is fine in my book. Anyway, a Sunday off cant hurt imo given the fact I have now Semester break which means I have a lot of time of grinding :D

Even I have a my fair share of uni homework to do over the next ~6 weeks I rly need to step up my game and volume to make finally some progress in this challenge. So yeah, the next few weeks will be pretty crucial for me.

Graph for last week:




Weekly Targets:

[ ] 600 games
[ ] 10 hours theory


Non-Poker Goals:

[ ] Finish the first homework for uni before deadline (Friday)

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