Grind updates and challenges

 photo reversedteam: pro player from egypt/france just moved from ps.fr to ps.com and now moving to partypoker due to stars not working from egypt anymore
This will be my where I will post updates of my grind, hands, challenges in 6max hypers/ hu hypers and mtt's.

Since this is my first post I think I should properly introduce myself and my background in poker: 

So my name is Rami Awad, I am 27 years old, I used to grind on pokerstars.fr mostly hyper HU 50E-100E and mtts, moved back to stars.com since last month because of low traffic on stars.fr 

When I arrived on stars.com was thinking of getting in division in HU 60$s or 100$s battled for a bit and then saw that traffic in 6max was just great and that I could just switch to those if I wanted to achieve Elite next year. So started testing them at 30$s even if bankroll could afford 200$s, moved pretty quickly to 60$s where I am grinding right now - and will start mixing them with 100$s really soon. 

Regarding mtt's I play everything from 11$ to 1kE and try to play only few but with good focus (less tables) made 100kE + in mtt's on.fr and already +11k$ since i arrived on .com (binked the sunday HU, one 75$ turbo and one 82$ 6max hyper) 

I am happy to being part of tiltbook now and I hope I will make some new grinder friends within the community.  

GL at the tables, talk soon. 


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