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639 days ago
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I play cash live for several years here em Brazil... and we have a player here in Belo Horizonte that hate ACES, thats right, he hate Aces, I will call him "Doc"... So, Doc is very rich and he love to break down aces, so he calls all in with a lot of crap hands just for break them. So, one of these days he playing with a young guy on table, he already losing a considerable amount of money and this young guy, rookie on game, goes all in against him... he snap call with AA... The young guy shows JJ and start's to "cry" saying... "ohhh man doc, just against me you have AA, this is so sick, omg, wtfff, I cant believe." So, Doc insta say to young guy... "Do you wanna change?" The young guy answers "Do you did that for me Doc?" And the Doc says: "Yes..." Doc put the right hand on JJ and the left hand on AA and before change the hands he said: "but, before we exchange I have to say to you... I do not accept complaint or devolution, ok?" The young guy with a little smile on face said: "ok ok" So, the change was made and the dealler deal the flop... the very first card on flop was what?? a Joker!!!!! hahahahahhahah nobody believe in what just happen and we tell this story to everybody that starts play live here... But, these was on fact a Doc's good deed on these guy.... Doc healed the "addiction" of the young guy and he never plays poker again, LOL.
687 days ago
Run good is sooo nice!

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