Future of Online Poker In Australia.?

 photo rufuskrile: Australian Freeroll and micro limit try-hard.
Australian Government Inquiry into Online Gambling Sites to begin In DECEMBER 2015.

Around the time of the election of the current Australian Liberal Government , distinct rumblings could be heard in the media ,that the future for online Poker here was grim.

Online Poker rooms like Ladbrokes and William Hill,( seeking to curry favour with the Government ,for their lucrative sports betting and bookmaking licences to be approved ) CLOSED THE  POKER ROOM ACCOUNTS, of Australian players.It became impossible to download an  POKER app for a mobile phone or tablet.

Then things went quiet for a few years, until the recent announcement of an upcoming  Government inquiry into the unregulated  online gambling markets, set for December.

Hot on the heels of that announcement ,was a program on the Government sponsored ABC  Television broadcasters 7.30 report , detailing some of the "problems ", that online bookmaking  and sports betting were causing in society.

The statement was made by a  so called gambling ''expert'  , that,  'live  "or in the running  ONLINE sports betting, HAD THE POTENTIAL to be more SOCIALLY DESTRUCTIVE  than the past introduction of poker machines into Pubs and Clubs.  For those not familiar with the Australian  scene.,be assured , that is a HUGE STATEMENT to make. HUGE STATEMENT.

A couple of unfortunate examples were shown in detail. One  Fellow had lost his house, his job and all his savings, betting on race-horses.His wife had left him.If she was a good looking woman, of course, it would have been a double blow.

His total losses , estimated at close to a million dollars, in a very, short, space of time.

The second chap had sold his house for $150 000. Then LOST THE LOT with four, yes ,,,FOUR bets on football games. All gone in" four clicks of a mouse", as the programs makers succinctly explained.

He was now destitute ,homeless, and, one assumes, no longer a  supporter of his former favourite football team .

The television program went on to outline the massive PROFITS, these online gambling sites were making from Australians, and the fact that no TAX was being paid, on these profits. A double whammy:-socially destructive ,whilst evading all important TAXES.

Both the television program and subsequent media reports have indicated the forthcoming Government enquiry  will focus MAINLY on bookmaking and sports betting.Whether that can be of comfort to we ONLINE POKER PLAYERS here , is certainly a topic for discussion.

Blind Freddy can see the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT  has these online wagering Companies operations firmly in the crosshairs to be BANNED .Period.

Will the remaining poker sites Aussie poker players can access be blown away in the crossfire as well.? One hopes not.

However the influential anti- online gaming lobby that includes Church, Racing ,Lottery and Casino/TAB  groups will certainly be  shedding no tears ,if Online poker gets the chop come December 2015 along with offshore online bookmaking/sport betting sites.

The trend towards lottery type  spin n go's, "all in " tournaments and promotions such as FULL TILTS " the deal" do little to help dedicated online poker players argue that poker is a sport , a  game of skill rather than  plain old"gambling" .

The situation  certainly bears close watching come December , and your correspondent SNAKE RIVER RUFUS KRILE certainly hopes he can still legally sit down at his beloved STARS 100K freerolls every evening come January 2016.....thats for SURE.











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