Men v/s Women Gambling- Who Gambles Better?

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Undoubtedly, gambling is considered as the most popular pastimes as an entertaining option to earn some extra bucks.

Undoubtedly, gambling is considered as the most popular pastimes as an entertaining option to earn some extra bucks. There are a number of people who prefer gambling and those involve a large number of men as well as women and with this some do get strongly addicted to it. But when it comes to who gambles better, there are mixed views of people. According to some people, female gamblers are the best gamers while other people suggest male gamblers are the best gamers.

According to numerous studies and research, it was found that men are more willing to take the risks as compared to the women, but not so fast. This means that at some points the female gamblers prove to be the best gamers as compared to the male gamblers. The norske casino suggests that main factor that determines who is superior in the game is the motivation for the gaming. Women are usually attracted towards the social sides of the casino and so they perform better in live casino games like the roulette or the online poker games or even in different kinds of mobile games like the Candy Crush Saga. On the contrary, men feel good and are comfortable in showing off their skills while making them look as they are experienced with playing all sorts of casino games. Also, they like to share their knowledge about different games so as to ensure people that they know everything about the game.

There has been carried out a study that focuses on the gender differences that is related with the gambling as well as the problem of the gambling. Some of the most significant differences are being identified and are listed below. Let us have a quick look over that:

  • Gambling Motivation: This is one of the major factors that determine the difference in the gambling. It has been observed that men usually tend to gamble due to the get the real excitement as well as experiencing the feeling of a rush as well as for the action. On the other hand, women tend to gamble as they need an escape with the stressful or unsatisfied life and need to cope up with this situation.

  • Problem Progression and the Age of Onset: The greater level of progression of the gambling has being observed much faster in the women as compared to the men. Also, women opt to start gambling later in life in comparison to men.

  • Representation of Treatment: Majority of the different type of research unveils that women are being underrepresented in the treatment. Usually, there is very less percentage of Gamblers Anonymous Membership in women, and that is 2-7% of the whole data.

  • Common Risk-Taking Behaviors: There has been observed other types of risk-taking behaviors that are opt by those who have been experiencing main problems related to the gambling. Some of the main reasons were like

    • Men usually have more sexual risky behavior than females

    • There is higher percentage of females committing suicide as compared to males

    • There is higher percentage of men who are responsible for abuse alcohol as compared to females

  • Relationship Issues: In the research, it was found that those females that were experiencing problems in their life are attracted more towards gambling. As they feel unstable, stressful as well as unsupportive, they look for the option to socialize more along with having an entertaining and risky experience and so they move towards the gambling.

Thus, these were some of the main gender differences that are related with the gambling. Also, in some of the cases men perform better with the game while in some of the cases women perform better.


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