Beat Scarmaker heads-up for 3x $13!

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Following TiltBook’s 1st Anniversary, I am hosting my own promo for the first time ever with 3x $13 up for grabs if you beat me heads-up! And even if you won’t , you will still get some!

Hey everyone! Following TiltBook’s 1st Anniversary, my last month’s MTT hits and TiltBook reaching 13,000 users (13 is one of my favorite numbers believe it or not), I have decided to make my own promo for the first time ever, putting 3x $13 on the table!

To make it fun, interesting and not-so-easy, there will be three steps you will have to go through in order to get the money! First, you’ll have to meet the conditions to qualify (described below), then you will need to be picked in a raffle and finally, you will have to beat me heads-up!

How to participate?

Step 1: Between now and Sunday 23:59, there will be several pics posted in TiltBook’s FB fan page, some of them with a small TiltBook logo in the corner. If you manage to share at least 2 of them on your FaceBook profiles during the time, you will enter the next round – the raffle.

Step 2: Well, this where the variance makes its way. Out of all who made it to the second round, my random draw will pick 3 of you, who will make it to the finals.

Step 3: Once you are among the last three, you are already guaranteed $5! At this point, you will recieve an invitation code to my homegame club on PokerStars and we will play a freeroll heads-up sit & go, with $13 in case you win and $5 in case you don’t.

It is as simple as that! So, keep your eye out on TiltBook's FB fan page, share posts with small TB logo in the corner and have your fingers crossed for the raffle!

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