My Thesis on the subject of Poker

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A little blogpost dedicated to the key reason for why I haven't been particularly active on TiltBook in the past few weeks.

Whether you are a regular on the site or not, you may have noticed I haven't been around much lately. And even though I did not really spend much of this time grinding online or embarrasing myself on the live scene either, I indeed devoted this period of my life to poker. Wanting to shed some light on the game and its money-making practitioners, I was writing a bachelor thesis on the subject of "Stereotypization and Stigma Towards Professional Poker Players From the Players' Perspective".

Unfortunately, the only English part of the thesis is its Abstract, but I do welcome at least all the CZ/SK readers to dive right into it (or maybe you can try your luck with the google translator). I do know that some of you might be already getting sick and tired of reading all of my shit week after week, but I do believe that this one might be worth a go.

The first chapter would be mostly bollocks to you, as you, naturally already do know poker and its properties. More interesting is the second part of the work, that analyses poker's position among gambling and might provide you with some handy points when arguing with those who believe it actually is gambling - with loads of references to scientific studies and court decisions on the topic. One of the most recent studies I quoted in this chapters concluded, after analyzing 456,000,000 hands, that on average, players' results are a matter of skill (with at least 75% certainty) after 1,471 hands if poker.

Third chapter tries to provide an explanation on who actually is a professional poker player. Not just by definition, but also from a personality standpoint too, as this is a psychology thesis after all. I am also refering to some interesting studies there.

By far the most captivating is the fourth chapter though, particularly the 4.7 part. There you can find interviews with several pro poker players, all of them are members of TiltBook as well. They shared their experiences on dealing with the public and public's perception of playing poker professionaly, which I found fascinating to say the least.

Here is the link for the entire thesis.
I appreciate everyone who gives it a read and I would love to read your feedback and criticism in the comments section!

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