Scar's 2015 TLDR

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I'll try to make this as short as possible (and probably fail miserably). After all, I did write a lot this year and it is time for some well earned rest!

I shipped about 100 newsletters, put together circa 30 recaps, wrote an entire 40-page bachleor's thesis on poker and expressed myself in hundreds of posts, comments, PMs, e-mails and blogs. It's been a fine and productive year being a part of TiltBook, with all of its ups and downs and I am happy for it.

As for poker itself, there isn't that much to say - as usual. Chunks of my time have been eaten away by my studies (became a bachleor this year), playing pool (performed my all-time best in the local league), doing TiltBook stuff (put out more content than ever before) and so on. That said, I have to make a confession that there is and always have been enough time for poker in my life. It is the focus that I lack on a scale that's hard to even imagine.

To give you an idea, most of the time I have trouble playing a 45-minute session and even when I do force myself to put at least an hour in without a break, I am somewhere at my C-game by the end of it - that's about how much my mind is constantly all over the place. Other times, there have been moments when I felt like playing at least a bit of poker, but I was tired physically following all the other activities.

As a result, I was barely able to accomplish half of my original yearly goal of putting in 1,000 hours (which isn't THAT much in the first place). For all that, I earned close to €8,000 in 2015 - lovely for a 24yo studying Slovakian, awful for an aspiring poker pro with 6 years of experience.



The good news is that I have been actively working on these issues in the last couple of months. I successfully eliminated a whole bunch of stimulae from my everyday life (unfollowed loads of FB pages and friends, started turning off FB, Skype and stuff more often, threw away a whole bunch of sites from my browser tabs, completely gave up on a couple of activities such as playing Hearthstone for instance, spent much less time hanging out and so much more).

I've been making deliberate efforts to narrow my focus by consciously multitasking as little as possible, always doing one thing at a time and taking my time with everything in order to become more calm and collected. I have been also eating more regularly, started drinking even more water and I keep myself on the move as much as possible to compensate for all that sitting.

I can tell you I can already see a lot of progress and I am very, very ecstatic about it. I feel like I am having much more time than I ever used to, I hardly ever feel tired even after a long day at the university/pool table, I noticed I am able to pay much more attention during classes, I am focusing much better during sessions playing my A or at least B-game and I feel much less stress in my everyday life in general.



In conclusion, I am a little bit upset about myself that my poker career has been stagnating for yet another year, but going into 2016 I feel like I made a lot of important first steps that can be absolutely crucial in me eventually becoming the player I've always felt I have the potential to become.

And with that, I am excited to leave 2015 behind and I absolutely can't wait what next year's gonna bring.


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