Seven Days of Tilt

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As if my lousy newsletter wasn't enough, this new series of weekly summaries is dedicated to all the stuff that happened, might have happened or should have happened on TiltBook in the past seven days. Oh God.

Hello and welcome to reading this everyone! If you have absolutely no idea on what is this going to be about, please have no worries - so do I! Why don't we start easy and simple with some good news then?

I am not sure if you are noticing this or not, but TiltBook is reaching some awesome milestones these days! While our official fan page on Facebook is, well, by the time you are reading this it probably already did pass 7,000 likes for which we thank you all for, TiltBook itself is just Peter North's inches away from conquering a magical line of 20,000 registered members! I did some research and according to the Wiki's list of countries by population, if we all indeed created one, Tiltland would be the 230th largest in the world (right after Palau) and 246th largest if we discounted all the accounts me and Masuronike made in order for TiltBook to look as big as the abovementioned Peter North!

With 20,000 members around, there sure is a plenty of diversity when it comes to posts you might see popping up in your home feed and there sure is enough room for even some total weirdness. A couple of days ago a guy that goes only under the name "shhh" posted an out-of-nowhere and weirdass photo of a dead girl with her parents that had absolutely, absolutely nothing to do with poker whatsoever. Itf was my duty then, of course, to use my superpowery with and somehow tie the pic to poker in the comments section so that it does not feel so out of place.

The next one I wanna talk about probably did no go unnoticed as it took off like a soyuz missile in the hands of a nerve-wracked muslim, but I am gonna mention it anyway. This is my playground anyway, so try to stop me! Anyway, it seems like I've become capable of creating new popular groups like I am Simon Fuckin Cowell or something as the Describe Your Poker Skill/Style With a Movie Title  one I opened yesterday is full of awesome posts already. This one is my top favorite so far but be sure to check out all of them (and remember you can create groups yourself as well whenever you come up with a cool one):

While the group, to my satisfaction, did not go unnoticed, the following epic hand from one of our newest users, bkristof001 almost did! He posted it four days ago with the hand being his only post so far and boy, I can tell ya - if all Kristof's posts are going to be like this one, he is going to be one of the most followed guys on TiltBook very very soon - just watch the hand!

And to wrap this up, I also wrote up another blogpost earlier today on the official TiltBook account in regards to a special easy-to-win promotion we are having now at the beginning of March where you can win some badass coaching from Charie "Epiphany77" Carrel who plays up to NL5000, so give that a glance as well, the condtitions are overly easy indeed!

OK, that is all from me for this week's first "episode" or whatever this is, lemme know via message if you post anything that you think is worth a mention in the next one!

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