The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker 2

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In a year and a half of TiltBook's existence we have dedicated the news section solely to important imformation and promos involving only TiltBook itself while ignoring everything that is happening around the poker globe. We have, however, decided to spice things up a little bit and as a resuls, we are bringing you the series called "The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker" where we'll be showing you some of the weirdest, douchiest and funniest stuff from televised poker. And so before the due is in any way furthered, lets jump right into it with the five clips we picked for our this week’s episode. Sit back and enjoy, I most certainly did!

#1 – The Nit of the Century

For the first clip we are presenting you a man tighter than a 5-year old girl. Finding himself in a sweet spot holding KK and getting 4-bet big, a certain mr. Baltz faces a decision of how to extract the most value from his hand and actually does a little bit of goold old hollywooding to look weak.


#2 – Coach Lipman

One of the most entertaining things about watching live tournament footage are the deep runs of amateur players that make them too overconfident regarding their abilities. They get a couple of set-ups on their side, bust ot a famous pro and all of a sudden they feel like an improved version of Iron Man, Mao Ze Tung and that guy from the Suits combined. Coach Lipman is a great example of one of those players and in the following clip you are welcome to find out why:


#3 – PokerStars PRO slow-rolls Daniel Negreanu

Slow-rolls, as we all know, are considered as one of the most unethical things one can do in poker. Seriously, there are people who would go straight ahead and rape your cat with an overgrown cactus if you did that to them. That is why they fit perfectly to these kind of compilations as they are always ridiculous. However, this is a special one as it is a Team Pokerstars PRO player Martin Hrubý who does the slow-roll with one of the victim being his colleague Daniel Negreanu.


#4 – Hellmuths gonna Hellmuth

Oh and what would be a fun poker compilation if there wasn’t some of the classic Phil Hellmuth drama thrown-in? This week’s episode is about egos larger than the Empire State anyways and so here is the biggest one of them all. Phil Hellmuth clashing and getting demolished both on and off the table by one of his biggest rival, Antonio Esfandiari:


#5 – Negreanu commits a poker suicide

We are closing this week’s list with yet another Daniel Negreanu clip, this time from PokerStars Big Game. We have mentioned overconfidence before and this is yet another good example that leads to a poker suicide. You can actually pinpoint the moments where Daniel loads the gun and then fires the trigger.


Do not forget to share this with your friends and more importantly, let us know in the comments which one did you like the most and what is your take on the weird hands you just witnessed! :)

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