The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker 3

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In a year and a half of TiltBook's existence we have dedicated the news section solely to important imformation and promos involving only TiltBook itself while ignoring everything that is happening around the poker globe. We have, however, decided to spice things up a little bit and as a resuls, we are bringing you the series called "The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker" where we'll be showing you some of the weirdest, douchiest and funniest stuff from televised poker. And so before the due is in any way furthered, lets jump right into it with the five clips we picked for our this week’s episode. Sit back and enjoy, I most certainly did!

#1 – One Of The Worst Folds Ever

Despite wearing glasses, it seems like Gary Patterson can’t see a damn thing. Seriously, get this man a seeing-eye dog or at least a white cane as having the dog might violate the „one player per hand“ rule. Misreading his hand is the only logical explanation why mr. Blinderson might have folded this hand, isn’t it?



#2– Most Ridiculous Hand in the History of Poker

This hand. Sense no potatoes, no comprende and what the hell. Turtles. Why did happen this way? Nobody knows. Big error mistake has done in the hand with parsley, Don Quijote references included randomly. All your base are belong to us. AAAAAAAAAAY.



#3 – Fillipo Candio’s Absolute Donk-Off

One of the most watched poker clips on youtube, former November Niner Fillipo Candio from Italy made history with his undescribably epic outburst after playing this hand. Being among the bigger stacks already at the start of the hand, he decided to pretty much donk off all his chips versus Joseph Cheong.



#4 – Spewtards Gonna Spewtard

2012 WSOP Main Event was full of great moments from absolutely retarded plays to absolute genius reads, but this hand stood probably the most out of all that have been played, probably because they somehow fall into both sides of the spectrum. Just take a look and feel free to post your opinions in the comments!



#5 – Ultimate Phil Hellmuth Blow-up

Lets end this episode with a classic Phil Hellmuth blow-up. In fact, this might have been his biggest ever as he douched around and acted like a complete jerk for so long that he actually ended up with a penalty – a rare sight indeed. The hand was played out at the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Do not forget to share this with your friends and more importantly, let us know in the comments which one did you like the most and what is your take on the weird hands you just witnessed! :)

By the way, I know its too late but I need to scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

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