The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker 5

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In a year and a half of TiltBook's existence we have dedicated the news section solely to important imformation and promos involving only TiltBook itself while ignoring everything that is happening around the poker globe. We have, however, decided to spice things up a little bit and as a resuls, we are bringing you the series called "The Most Ridiculous Moments In Poker" where we'll be showing you some of the weirdest, douchiest and funniest stuff from televised poker. And so before the due is in any way furthered, lets jump right into it with the five clips we picked for our this week’s episode. Sit back and enjoy, I most certainly did!

#1 – Hellmuth gets owned by Lady Karma

This is one of the clips that would make many believe that karma exists indeed. Last week we should you a clip of Andrew Robl winning all four runs as underdog vs Patrik Antonius but that was nothing compared to this. Hellmuth executes a weird slow-roll or nit-roll or whatever you want to call it and is immediately executed himself by the poker god, kicking him in the balls with steel-plated shoes time and time again!



#2 – Ladies indeed put guys in place
Karma is not the only lady that can come up miraculous stuff in poker, though. Annette Obrestad is often criticised and made fun of by many in the comments section but I gotta tell ya, she is the one wearing the steel-plated shoes in this one and boy, us guys are just laying on the floor in pain.



#3 – The only thing Jamie Gold was ever good at

Fullfilling a request from last week, here is one of the best clips Jamie Gold was ever featured in. Jamie has also always been criticised by pretty much everyone in the community and in this case, we gotta admit that rightly so. Terrible? Definitely. Annoying? Obnoxious? Scummy? Yep. But there was something special about Jamie Gold indeed – his totally ridiculous talks somehow often led to him winning pots he should not have won and losing much less in pots where he should have gone busto.



#4 – Yet another awesome karma moment

Speaking of weird, obnoxious guys, Jean-Robert Bellande has always been on that thin line between being a fun, cool dude and a really annoying, arrogant prick. In this one he mistakenly thought his opponent is drawing dead already and made a classic speech that came back to haunt him in the most hilarious way possible:



#5 – When the cards break your heart

And as we entered the world of unbelievable knockouts, feel free to sit back and enjoy this epic runout that was magnified by the Podell’s reactions throughout the whole hand!Enjoy the weekend and see you all in the next episode!



Do not forget to share this with your friends and more importantly, let us know in the comments which one did you like the most and what is your take on the weird hands you just witnessed! :)

By the way, I know its too late but I need to scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

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