The piece of paper that kicked-off my poker career

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On 14th of January 2014 at 19:45 CET here is going to be a special tournament in TiltBook Homegames played out with $27,15 added into the prize pool. by me. But why? Why $27,15 and why on 14th of January 2014 at 19:45 CET? Check out this blogpost to find out :-)

Exactly five years ago, in the morning of 9th January 2009, I took a bus to the city centre to carry out some stuff, including a visit to a branch of UniCredit bank, where I planned on doing two things - exchange all my crowns to euros (we have just switched to euros that year) and more imporantly, to make a 20€ ($27,15) deposit to Expekt poker room running on iPoker site. There was a huge upcoming private micro tournament series only for Czech and Slovak players about to be played out throughout the whole year with loads of added money and freerolls and I really felt like I could have a decent chance to slowly build my poker career around this. Pretty much all the tourneys I played up to that point were freerolls and some private low buy-in freezouts and I was really  looking forward to all this.

Little did I know that it would be something completely different that would later on prove to pretty much change my poker career for good and that it was about to happen in only couple of days since my deposit. As this was my first deposit to Expekt, I recieved a token to the weekly "$1,000 First Depositors Freeroll" that was about to take place on Wednesday, 14th January of 2009 at 19:45. I was among 45 runners with 5 places paying out and 1st getting $400 and while I do not remember most of the tournament, I most certainly do remember playing the final table. I came in as a below average stack, but I was feeling fine about my position. I am not sure if I started doing this right away or if I won some big pot before that but I do remember that this was the very first moment of my poker career when I discovered the advantages of a really aggresive play, by myself, without reading any studying material before.



I surely was probably a bit lucky that it all went through, but I remember raising, stealing and restealing loads of pots and being very aggresive post-flop as well and I pretty much just completely STEAMROLLED that final table full of people who just wanted to make it into the money. I soon became the chip leader and I held that position all the way to the point when there were just 3 of us left. I remember losing like 2 - 3 big flips to eventually bust out in 3rd place for $160 but I was not disappointed at all. $160 was absolutely huge for me - in fact, a similiar amount of cash was all I had to my name at that time and this win was just out of this world for me. I was all of a sudden rolled for the entire tourney series and still had something extra to slowly begin to grind my way up and, well... since that day I managed to make over 200x the money I earned that Wednesday.

And so in the retrospect it was this win that probably played the most important role in getting myself to where am I today and I will never forget that magical evening. I know that even today I am not even close to being any kind of a big time pro or anything, but I am very still very happy and proud for what I have achieved. Without any help, starting from litreally nothing (the 20€ deposit I made came from money I won earlier in freerolls on another site), all by myself through my own work, skill, dedication and wisdom. I know that there a lot of freeroll and micro grinders out here on TiltBook so I hope they can take this as an inspiration that, again, while neither me or you maybe won't end up playing the most expensive tournaments around the globe, we surely can make it as far as to make a decent living out of it or make that little extra to make our lives just a littlle bit better, easier and happier.


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