Why It All Makes Perfect Sense

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to not play on PokerStars for a week, if everyone is going to jump into the games the moment the strike is over? Well that, my friends, is EXACTLY why.

The situation

Just a quick glance at the lobbies is enough to realize that there are many grinders out there who decided to not join our cause and are currently cashing in on the soft state of the tables. We can divide these players into two groups:

1) Those who are reaping the short-term rewards and simply don't care about the big picture. These are the lost causes.

2) Those who do care about the big picture, but are convinced that striking for a week won't accomplish anything at all. The question that's often posed here is "What's the point of not playing for a week, if everyone is gonna jump into the games the moment the strike is over?" Some even believe that such behaviour is actually somewhat hypocritical.

I myself am going to be the prime example of a grinder who has not stepped foot in one game on PokerStars in 2016 so far, yet at the same time is gonna be out there paying loads of rake on Zoom the moment the strike is over.

Now, am I going to start grinding on PokerStars on 8th January because of my own greed and cause my primary motivation is to earn myself some money? Yes, I am. Am I going to do it to help our cause and do all I can to give WeAreAllIn the best chance to succeed? Most definitely I am.



The point

One needs to realize that the goal of our mission is not to bring PokerStars down to its knees. No one sane would think that that's even remotely close to possible. The point here is to send a message. To show people at Amaya that we have the power to make up our mind, unite and have a drastic impact on the number of games running and therefore the revenue.

It is this one week we need to cram our message in, this one week to make our mark. The point here is to make the biggest possible difference between this one week and any other random week of the year.

And in order to make this gap as huge as possible, it not only makes sense to jump into the games on 8th, it is in OUR best interest to play as little as possible on PokerStars now and then play as much as possible once this is over - right until the next strike.


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