I'm part of a team who are developing a poker webtv show.

 photo sebkarlsson: 400nl-1knl HU & 6 max CG player. I travel and am into food, so most of my posts are about that! :)
I'd really appreciate feedback on what you guys would like to see!


I'm part of a team of developers who are creating a new poker lifestyle documentary/webtv show. We have some questions about what people would like to see, so would really appreciate if you could briefly answer the following:

On a scale of 1 to 10:
How interested are you in watching poker lifestyle shows in general:
In those shows, please indicate your level of interest in...
Interest in watching overall poker lifestyle:
Interest in poker and travelling:
Interest in poker high stakes action:
Interest in poker boot camps:
Interest in poker strategy:
Interest in poker mentoring:
Interest in 'baller' life:

What format of poker would you like to see? (HU/6 max/sngs,etc)

What other things would you like to see more of? Anything that really bores you?
I really appreciate your feedback!



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