2012 in review and 2013 goals

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Short review of my results in past year and future goals.

Past Year

2012 was an interesting year. The most successful were first two months and the last one. 

In January/February (January not a part of the upcoming deal) I made quite a few nice runs and made first bigger profit since coming to poker. 1-500€+ in few mtts and some smaller amount from a 1month deal on 7$ 45mans. The following month I got under a mtt staking deal, making 4.000$ profit the first month.

Since this nice run in early part of year I went on a loosing streak. Couldn't get past semifinal and managed to win something after 4 months on my birthday, where I managed to make 4k day. And again, since then only semifinals and early FT bustouts. 

After the Poker Festival Pardubice we started to have a theory lessons in our staking groups, regular HH Reviews and Sweat sessions and my game improved. I removed alot of leaks and bad habbits and improved my game in a big way. The deepruns were coming, but not the hit. Had alot of chances of getting a 10k+ hit but as we all say - never.

In the last month of this year I finally got something. After the christmas dinner I turned on some Mtts (overlays, yum) and got deep in Big8 and 5$ hyper turbo, winning totally over 6k. This gave me nice impuls and good motivation for next year, January especially (alot of series). Only bad thing is that most of the win went to staker, haha.

I also played on the new years (I just like overlays...) and finished 7th in 26$ turbo and 26$ FO, both on FTP. Also made some deepruns and finished 88th in the Big55.

After the results check, I was breakeven/small up on most of the sites, only on french stars there is some profit left.

All sites I played on, MTTs only.


Top results: 

HU chipchop Big 8 - 5.400$

HU chipchop 11$ turbo (before it became Hot 11) - 3.400$

2r turbo 1st place - 3.100$

+some smaller 1k hits, like 6th place in Hot11, 7th place in Monday French Kiss (10€ 1R1A), 1st place in 5$ hyper, 6th place in The Big Five 5r and 3rd place in 9.90$ Only FT Paid

And 126th place in Red Spade Open, 60th in SCOOP 27$ KO and 195 in Micro Millions Sunday Storm are the runs I wish that could have finished better (included only bigger tournies, I dont count things like Hotter turbos here)

Live Poker:

Played quite alot of tourneys, including two Czech Poker Tour (5.000kč and 7.900kč), in the first one I busted somewhere in later-mid of the day and in the second one in the two last levels. 

Poker Festival Pardubice was disaster in results (no deeprun or semideeprun, busted quite early) 

Some 3.000kč events with 1mill guarantee, once I busted in the last level where I lost 99 into A8. Duh.

The top result came in November, where I played 170€ Polish event in Prague - HESOP. I freerolled this tourney because I won a give-away ticket, so it was not part of the deal. Played well all days and I made it to the final nine, in last 7 players I maybe made a little too high-variance call, but I think it was allright, but ran with my KQ to AQ and as a 8bb shortstack then again 99 into A4 (fucking nines) and finished 7th for 1.500€. I atleast have alot of photos from a live poker table.


Anyways, I made some nice money for me in 2012 which are good for me as a high-school student, but I expect to make a tons of more in the next year.


January will be very interesting year, there are alot of series coming up.

MiniFTOPS on the Full Tilt, Micro Series on PS.fr, Winamax Series on Winamax.fr and TCOOP (will play just only few events).

I hope to bink atleast one of these events and make some nice profit, hopefully it will be something from MiniFTOPS.

January with February are the last months where I can play some nice volume and dont care about school too much, because in May I have my final exams and because I am retarded in math and our school requires math, I will have to prepare more. English test will be fine, need to check the books in Czech language and learn the questions in Geography. I will start study math this month in extra lessons beside school and the other I plan to begin in March or April. I hope I will pass the tests no problem. 



-Bink some event from one of the series

-Keep improving

-Take school responsibly and finish my last year in highschool with no difficulties

-Make my mind about College 

-Bink something big again and have a nice holiday somewhere hot

-See Sparta Prague in the Europa League final




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