January and February review

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Seda16 reviewing his first two months in the new year

I want to write more reviews and I think that I will begin with every two months review, so here are my results from the first two months of 2013.

As I mentioned in the last blog, January was full of series, where I wasnt that much succesfull. I didnt manage to get any noticable result, the "best" were in MiniFTOPS, where I blowed away two possible deepruns on my mistake. One was in some regular FO I think and the second one in the Main, so I wasnt that happy with this. But can't do anything with it now, only learn from the mistakes. I also finished 25th in the Fixed Limit Rush.

From the TCOOP I played only like two cheaper events, its still kinda out from my buy-in range, so nothing from the turbos.

Didnt play alot on the french Stars and their Micro Series, only the best events, but again with no result.

The same was with Winamax Series, where I registered to the site for this. The Series was a fail for me, but playing on Winamax afterwards was a great move.


Apart from series, the entrance to the new year was OK. In the ending of February I won the 2r turbo (again) on Stars for 3.2k and making it my top win in these two months. Earlier in January I made final table of the 22$ Saturday 6 max, cashing out 1.5k for the 5th place.


As I wrote earlier, playing on Winamax after the series was a good idea. I made my first FT in January in 10€ tourney called XTRA, finishing 4th for 1.5k euros. I also had my biggest deeprun by far in their 150€ major, which is super soft with nice structure. Since its out of my buy-in range, I have to play satelites, but in the last 3 sundays I always managed to get in there, from about 5 satelites I played I won 3 of them. And about that deeprun - I finished 18th and getting about 1k euros, but I wanted those 30k for first. Hopefully another time. From other results, I have also few semifinals and the last "hit" was a 900€ for 6th place in their 20€ tourney called Derby

Winamax is a really good room with alot of weak players, good tournies a nice traffic. I really enjoy playing there for now. 

All sites I played on, MTTs only

As you can see, Full Tilt Poker is the only shit hole.


From live poker I played the last Czech Poker Tour (7.900kč), but busted about 2hours before the end of the day. 


Top Results:

2r turbo 1st place - 3.248$

10€ XTRA 4th place - 1.523€

22$ Saturday 6max 5th place - 1.574$

150€ Winamax Major 18th place - 1.000€

30€ Saturday Eliminator - 900€

20€ Derby 6th place - 900€


Another MiniFTOPS is coming and the french SCOOP also, so I will probably win something from there.

Good luck everyone!


Thanks for reading and bye!

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