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Shit happens! Sometimes you are bird, sometimes you are monument


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Hello just packed my Bag for Malta. Wanna ask for some Backup. Will play a Qualifier 220€ , and a 220€ turbo event and flight for the malta CUP 330€. My Biggest achievments under my old nick "Clemens 2011"# qualified for the APPT Auckland 2009 actual nick qualified for PCA 2011 3rd in a 109$ 2xChance 4K 1st, 2bd, 3rd several times 3.30$ 2xrebuy bet 700-1.6K 1st Big 44$ after deal 3.5K 2nd 320$ Wednesday 14.5K and just minutes ago 1st 5.10 hyper 600$ It's self-evident that i can't play the turbo or the malta Cup if i qualify. in this Case the used money will refunded after the to avoid so many transactions. A total of 770€ i will call a MU from 1.22, this is Ok i think because of my other Expanses. Flight, transfer,Hotel and maybe some Food ;-) i'm selling 40% not less than 5% 5% = 46.97€ 10%= 93.94€ Sending to Milli_Teer @ PS Here some Links clemens2011 - old nick - http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/pokerstars/Clemens2011/poker/results/E295755CE7514D51A1A67A8E74F561D3.html?t=2 Milli-Teer - new nick http://pokerprolabs.com/milli_teer/pokerstars to my self, i'm 32 years old, after 2 finished trainings i decided to go to College, just finished my homework, final EXAM is in April, so after 2012 and 2013 were didn't played poker so much i'm Starting over again. And my Second Live tourney i cashed! (First Live tourney ever was the PCA 2011, great spot to start) i Couldn't play the APPT because of my trainigsexam, so PS before Amaya, refunded my the buy-in so that just lost accomodation. Still a nice win (3240T$+round about1K for the flght)

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