photo shikyaku: FRESH START ! I deleted my entire database on March 15th. I know that Jared Tendler advises against this, but I need a fresh start. I need to beat my TILT problem and I'm looking to do it on this site.
This is my journey to beat my biggest foe. That foe is myself and the Tilt that is holding me back.

I've been playing poker for 3 years now. Not too long, I suppose, but I feel I could be so much better that my results show.

I need some advice on developing strategies to deal with bad beats. I can play well very well for thousands of hands. But certain kinds of situations set me off, and then I might as be someone who just started poker yesterday. The triggers vary a little, but the results are always the same. Big losses.

As an example, today I played well until I picked up AK, made it 3x and got 3bet by an 84/13 fish who was 3betting 44%. I called IP and hit TPTK. He check calls flop+turn pot sized bets. The he leads the river all in having hit a gutshot. I suppose that's standard but it sent me over the edge and from then on, I attacked every limper with huge raises. Reraised flops for no reason. Played way too aggressively and lost a bunch of buy ins. It's like I actually lose my mind for 10 or 15 minutes. Looking back on it now, it seems like a different person.

I think my A-game is very good. When I play my A-game my winrate is generally between 2 and 10 bb/100. But my TILT-game is so bad that it destroys all my winnings. Perhaps this aspect of poker is what I find hardest to deal with. Playing solidly for long periods and building small advantages into real winnings. And then, BANG ! It's ALL gone in one bad session. All that hard work of days, all down the drain in 15 minutes of madness. The sense of loss after a bad session like that is really terrible.


I've read The Mental Game of Poker and Elements of Poker and they helped, but maybe I am not applying the strategies properly. My dream is to someday play well enough to make some money off poker, even if it was part time as extra income. But I've got to beat the monkey tilt first.

I'll keep you posted : )

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