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180 turbo grinder / mtt turbos
Running like god for a bit can make you kind of forget how much it sucks to run like actual death. Managed to run as bad as I was running good some how. First time I have experienced punching the table because the villain picks up a draw, they hit, was fucking gross lost $3400 back since running so good not that disheartened as I have been very close to loads of scores and don't think i made too many mistakes over a long period. Tilted for the first time in awhile it was only for like 2 minutes but it pissed me of I did it.

Hopefully will be able to build a big enough bank role to go again soon. Will maybe try to be more selective on what I play.

Rebuys from $3-$11 are so beatable but take some much extra time that they mean I can't dictate the hours that I want to play, and have for leisure as flexibly. I actually enjoy playing them and believe i can comfortably beat them, I NEED to start playing them as part of my everyday schedule. My biggest problem with them is remaining focused, when I only have one table remaining and a potential 2-4 hours left to win something worth 2 180man scores even when I try to remain at 100% I'm distracted and bored, I'm just too used to playing 25+ tables, (I have the same problem with live MTTS.) To combat this I tried registering in 180s antil i was out of all reg speed events and I made some deep runs in the $11 bigger (top 100) and some rebuy events. This has the added advantage of making me play bigger volume.

Don't normally set goals in poker due to the emotions involved in missing them, But I'm defiantly going to try and play a session of 12-12 around 3 times as week, having a break from this new schedule to watch football when the champions league is on i think will help to break it up a little.

Another thing I'm really considering (weirdly) is both coaching and being coached. I have never been coached at all and use no HUDs of shove charts all the learning i have done has been for lack of a better phrase "on the job." main thing thats been holding me back on being coached is the idea of only doing it via Skype. Ideally I would have a friend to bounce ideas off but from the poker nights I have to go by my friends have got some learning to do themselves, I'm sure there are other options which I will look into, And when it comes to coaching I do think I might having something to offer to the right person, as I'm not a big studying player but i do work on my game. For now though I want to get back in the zone for beating reg speed tourneys.

Good luck at the tables, and thanks for reading/ sorry for spelling and gramma, I assume its terrible.

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