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Recently started transcrndental medition after reading a russel brand book in which it was highly recommended (revoltion.) I have been doing it for a week now, two twenty minutes sessions every day, one when i wake up and one around 3-5 hours before I go to sleep.

To "learn" and I use the term lightly i just used a two minute video on youtube it was the second one on there for me. Obviously the industry would rather you pay from what i can gather between $500-$2000 for a professional to teach you. I cant say weather or not this may be more beneficail however i can say from my admittedly small experiance the clip was enough.

The basic technique is that you sit somewhere comfortably and quitly (silently) and repeat a mantra. your mantra is personal to you and apperantly you shouldnt metion it to anyone, I have no idea why, your mantra should be a word that has no personal meaning to you. You then sit there with your eyes closed and repeat the mantra over and over. Doing this seems to allow you brain to at first think as normal, with the addition of a mentra but eventually your other thoughts decease. It is important that you dont activly try not to think as the process has to be effotless. The process can seem gradual or be rather more repid.

One of the videos i watch suggests the brain is like the ocean on the service the waves are busy and active but there is always a carm in the deepths TM tries to queit the service to get to the inner calm below.

The process seems to work by having your mind concentrate only on somthing very simple, the mantra, and non thought inducing antil your brain is quietened to the inner peace that is always there. 

If you are sceptical as i was or you dont consider yourself spiritaul as i do not IT IS COMPLETLY IRRELEVENT. The process according to a video i watched on  youtube metioned these facts and i remained sceptical because im like that. After the first session i would'nt be exagerating to say i was blown away. I genuinly would discribe parts of it as euphoric. By no means is it all like that it can even be a little frustrating/boring but my experiance overall has been very postitive.

WHY DO IT. (Side note everything in this paragragh is just from other source i havent check myself.) The scienctific evendence for TM is overwellmingly positive, some studies showed a ruduction in cortisol (a chemical linked with anxiity) of around %30 and an increase in seritonin and dopamine level in people that had practiced TM. Now for the reason this is on TB rather than FB,TM is shown to improve  connections within the brain. Apparently leading to TM practitioners making better decesions In every day life or in are case on the felt. Im very aware this could be be being over the top or having some kind of placebo effect but in the last week i have felt it much easier to say fold AA when i know i beat and not worry about making a bad lay down i feel clearer in gernal. I would liken the differance to the differance between feeling a little tried and playing when im fresh.

Just thought Id share on this as I think it could be useful for you guys i have found it so, BTW everything i have wrote is opinion or staight from someone elses mouth so i would reccomend doing some research first. 

And as always for for spelling and grammer, oohhh and also for turning into a hippy :) 

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