Use your FPPs To Buy MTT Tickets on PS Before the Conversion!

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PokerStars is misrepresenting the value of holding onto your FPPs vs currently available options. Cross-posted from www.StandardBacking.com

One of our players received this message from Pokerstars:

"For players up to GoldStar status that usually spend their FPPs on VIP Reward Bonuses, the January 1 conversion rate is either an increase or identical value to the rate you would usually redeem your FPPs at, so there’s no downside to waiting until next year to spend your StarsCoin."

This claim is ONLY true* if you’re comparing buying a bonus with your FPPs now versus buying a bonus with your Starscoins after January 1st.

Here is a comparison of what your FPPs are worth now in MTT tickets (using the Sunday Million as an example – but this is true for all MTT tickets) with what they’ll be worth after January 1st.

Right now a SilverStar can buy a $215 Sunday Million ticket for 13,500 FPPs.

13,500 FPP = $215 ticket = $0.01593 per FPP

On January 1st your 13,500 FPPs will be converted into StarsCoins at a 1.2:1 ratio:

13,500 FPP x 1.2 = 16,200 StarsCoins

StarsCoins will have a value of $0.01 per StarsCoin:

16,200 StarsCoins x $0.01 = $162 Ticket/bonus etc.

This is true of any tournament ticket you can buy.  Here is the value of the Tickets you can buy currently (all per FPP values Rounded):

$11 Ticket = 700 FPP = $0.0157 per FPP

$22 Ticket = 1400 FPP = $0.0157 per FPP

$55 Ticket = 3,500 FPP = $0.0157 per FPP

$109 Ticket = 6,900 FPP = $0.0158 per FPP

$215 Ticket = 13,500 FPP = $0.01593 per FPP

$320 Ticket = 20,000 FPP = $0.016 per FPP

$530 Ticket = 33,000 FPP = $0.01606 per FPP

$1,050 Ticket = 65,500 FPP = $0.01603 per FPP


*The case where their claim is true is if you intended to purchase a $75 VIP reward bonus as a GoldStar:

Currently the $75 bonus costs 6,250 FPP

On January 1st your 6,250 FPP will convert into 7,500 StarsCoins and you’d still able to redeem them for a $75 bonus.

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