90 Minutes of PokerStars Server Glitch Annoyed Players

On May 8 (Wednesday) PokerStars faced problems related with its server.

On May 8 (Wednesday) PokerStars faced problems related with its server. All ongoing tournaments were frozen. In the beginning players didn’t pay too much attention to the issue. They thought that games would be resumed shortly. However after 20 minutes of waiting some annoyed comments were published. Discussions were started at popular poker forum “2+2”. Forum users wrote that all tourneys got frozen and players were sitting out. At the same time not everyone was sitting out. For instance “2+2” user GeleHaas wrote, “I am stealing blinds like crazy! All opponents are sitting out! Lol!”.
Then all poker players were switched off shortly. PokerStars posted in its Twitter: “The PokerStars site went down a few minutes ago. We're aware of it and are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience”. The twit satisfied players who got annoyed with the delay. Clients of PokerStars thought that the site will get to work in no time. However it took PokerStars engineers more than an hour to fix problems. Some forum users even called the situation “The Black Wednesday” recalling “The Black Friday”.
When 90 minutes passed PokerStars posted a new twit, “And... we're back. Ring games & tourneys back. SNGs will start to regenerate shortly. Sorry for the outage; thank you for waiting”. Then another message appeared, “Tonight's issues have now been resolved and a normal service will resume shortly across the board. Apologies for any inconvenience caused”.
Well, forum users and poker players didn’t stop complaining. Some players were annoyed with rollbacks. For instance, player Dude Abides wrote, “wow, they canceled the last hand in my tournament where I won ****load of chips that made me the chipleader of a tournament... lost all chips that I won in the last hand prior to the glitch”. There were quite many similar posts at “2+2”. Then PokerStars representative asked all complaining players to contact PokerStars customer support department.
As soon as server problems were fixed all tourneys and games continued as nothing has happened. However many players decided not to wait and logged out. Therefore many players were sitting out again. “2+2” users were offering different forms of compensation and guessing which one would choose PokerStars. Some players offered to share prize pools in accordance with chip count. Others wanted PokerStars to refund buy-ins and cancel tournaments. Some players demanded extra compensation e.g. tickets to upcoming SCOOP events or satellites. But PokerStars was not going to offer any compensations. Representatives of the poker-room referred to cancellation tournaments rules and explained that buy-in refund is possible only in certain cases. PokerStars customer support wrote: “We will be considering refunds for materially affected players. "Materially affected" means you missed a considerable number of hands and lost a significant portion of your chip stack due to blinds and antes. If you believe you were materially affected by this issue, please email us”. Well, it seems like customer support will have tones of angry e-mails.

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