A day in the life of Herbert Foster, aka Syanide

 photo syanide: I dont have any enemies, for I have had them all shot.
It can only get better, if you allow it time.

Its 7.30 am. (Far far too early i might say). It wasnt my alarm clock that woke me up, I have no need for one anyway. Im profoundly deaf and you know, its actually a blessing. ;) What it was , was my lovely but fustrated partner and for the last several nights has had to put up with my tossing and turning,  non stop fidgeting, groans and frequent toilet stops. What she cant understand is , that I was dreaming that I was on the final table, battling it out with Jason Mercier in the SuperHigh Roller!! 

 I thought I might divulge some information, if only to allow you to gain insight as to who or what I am. I have to ask myself that sometimes. I shall start with by stating that I live in an old city, one steeped with history and surrounded by many a green fields. I am sat by MY desk, situated by the window so that I may people watch whilst I play poker. Very entertaining yet distracting. I mean, just now there I was looking out the window, searching for inspiration, I found it only to look back at my laptop screen to find I timed out on a pair of two's!!! My favourite hand!!!

Was joking on that last part. My favourite hand is 88. Reminds me of two fat ladies at bingo. Old times eh.

I am a person that has a checklist in the morning. It goes along with something like this...

Are you really awake?...     Yes, but I can't explain the pink socks.

Do you require mutual services given by you and your partner?... Serviced already

Kettle on?...   of course. Irish coffee coming right up. It smells really strong so it might be russian.

Hard stuff... Absolute ly

Daughter had her weetabix? ... ah, that's what that banging is from next door. Cheers for the reminder.

You had your ryvita crackers and flora?... dont be silly, I'm on a diet

Jeremy Kyle on?... Im watching the street version out of my window. This town can get rough sometimes.

Pokerstars all set up and tournaments registered?... Im such a natural, I didnt even realise I was doing it.

Cigarette?... Check

Russian or Irish coffee or what the hell it is anyway?... Check

Poker about to start?... Check

Finally, dressed?... Damn


Now, if you will excuse me, my session is about to start. Wish me luck. OH, and wish me luck for my other one later on today. I ve got a session with my therapist and I dont like the look of his couch. Its too red for my liking.


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