Visiting Alex a Spinbeasts 'Colleague' in Bucharest

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Hi guys, this is my short trip report of my visit to Bucharest. I only spent two nights there, just unwinding a bit, I needed to get out of the poor Belgian weather for a couple of days :) Bucharest is a great place, nice atmosphere in the city. And I got to meet Alex, which was really cool.

We left on a monday, had to get up really early. At 7 AM while other people were taking the train to work, we decided to have our last Belgian beer. Partly to reward ourselves for making it half way to the airport, and partly because Jeroen (the Belgian friend I was traveling with) suffers from flight anxiety. 


Off course one beer wouldn't help him at all when it came to his flight anxiety. So we had one more at the airport, and made the plan to drink during the flight. But we were not seated next to each other (cause we're cheap bastards that didn't want to pay the €6 fee Ryanair charges for a super standard service). So we actually arrived at Bucharest all sober (very professional). 

First real live encounter with Alex was at Bucharest Airport. I had only seen him on a tiny picture on skype, but he luckiley recognised us. We were pretty much the only tourists on the plane, so I guess it was easy to spot us! It was a nice welcome to, because he picked us up at the airport. We had lunch and beers, and made plans for the night. At night we went out with 2 friends of him, which were really interesting people. One guy worked for a live webcam girls company (not smth you hear about everyday), the other guy was also a $100 spin and go grinder. They were friendly and easy to talk too. So I had a ton of cuba libres to celebrate that, and that's where the thumbnail picture was taken. Anyway for Belgian standards, I was still very sober :).

Next morning I woke up in the hostel, that luckiley had a pretty garden, where we sat for a little while, waiting for Alex to pick us up. We found a store that sells Stella Artois, a Belgian beer, so we had one of those. Weird thing was that this beer was brewed in Bucharest, so the taste was a little off, but still fine. I look a lot less happy then I did the previous night, but that was just the sun and warmth (26°) getting to me.


To my suprise the hostel had a fully equipped tea-bar. Which was great to compensate for all the cigarettes I had.


When Alex picked us up we went to a luxurous Spa, 25km outside of Bucharest center. Really cool place. There were awesome slides. One slide exitted in a halfpipe and I had never seen something similar to that. The spa was also only very recently built, so everything was still perfect. And you could have cocktails inside the pool. Awesome. Normally I'm not really the type who does these kind of things very often, so having cocktails in a pool was also the first time. Definitely worth a repeat. Maybe as I'm getting older, I get more lazy :).


Alex meanwhile kept assuring me that Bucharest was crowded with beautiful girls, but there weren't any at the Spa. Probably because we went there during the afternoon instead off at night. Also it was a tuesday. And I wasn't wearing glasses, so the entire world existed out of beautiful people for me.

After this we had planned to go to a shooting range. I never fired a gun in my life, and would've liked to try that once while I was there. But one guy didn't have his ID with him and he was actually also the only guy except for me that wanted to shoot. So we went to the casino instead. We spent slightly too much time at the casino (and I spent a bit too much money, but I'm on holiday so I didn't need to take +EV decisions, right? :) ), so it was already kind of late when we got out of there. We were all kinda tired from last night, and these other guys ofc weren't on holiday, and had work in the morning. So we split up. Jeroen and me went back to the hostel planning on going out again. But we met 2 teachers from the UK (guys sadly enough), and they were pretty hilarious. We were drinking a bit with these guys, and then had some older Romanian guy from the hostel sit with us. He kept telling stories about Romania's history, about Vladimir the Impaler. After every story he went 'Crazy Times', that together with some remarks about Putin had us all laughing pretty hard. The beers kept on coming, and before we knew it, it was already 3AM and not worth it to go out anymore. 

Thanks too Alex for his hospitality! You still owe me a cute Romanian girl!

I'm looking forward to do more of this kind of stuff. Anyway in 6 weeks I'm relocating to Chile, so I don't much time anymore.

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