#3 Grinding it Up from NL2 to...?

 photo thatstrong: Heavy worker. Lazy Grinder :) but overall everything is fine :) Play close to everything.
This is my way of Grinding it up! Inspired by the Great xflixx

Hey guys, 


a short Summary of what happened Last week :) 

At first i didnt take NL2 too seriously so i tried to get my result with aggression which is normally not that bad, but there was a huge downswing, or let me say bad play hands so i really need to improve that! It was too swingy as you see it in the blue circle on the Picture. 

After that i tried to point out the bad things in game! I tried to fix with leak tracker at first, but all stats are definitely ok! So i search for some mid loosing hands and here we see what is the definitely most important leak in my game! Cost not that much in one hand, but overall its just too expensive! Check/Call Bullshit i heard it in one video i saw again this week :) 

So the red arrow shows my turning point, where i started to play aggresively when its fine and not calling that much! :) 

And you see swings are gone for the first time. 

So it was problem in my mindset. After huge swings and also some luck on the other side of the table, i ruined mine and needed to refocus! 

Im not that happy how everything is going till here, but im happy that i really work hard on NL2 to improve my game to not have the same problems at higher stakes (Hopefully) 


So here are the stats for my Challenge so far. 


BR 87,76$ 

One Stellar Reward 50$ 

Hands played at NL2 19k (with nl2€ (3k) and NL2 6max zoom (153hands for summer daily challenge) rest for Nl2$)

For my Challenge (http://tiltbook.com/challenge/grinding-it-up-from-nl2-to-/) i added now the Goal for NL5$ and you can see overall Updates on my BR!


Good luck at the tables :) and keep on grinding!

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