#4 Grinding it Up from NL2 to...?

 photo thatstrong: Heavy worker. Lazy Grinder :) but overall everything is fine :) Play close to everything.
Last week of Grinding it up

Hey Guys, 


this week nothing special happens. 

As i had a bad session on sunday on nl2€ i decided to play only nl2$ at all! As u see on the picture, NL2€ seems to be unlikely to me. 


On Monday i was at the local casino for playing the 55€ MTT and i shipped it for 680€ so at least a good start to the week. 

But on Tuesday i wasnt able to play also on Wednesday, as i was in Casino on thursday again, im not playing online a really good amount. 


I won 6$ yesterday at the VIP 30k weekly 100FPP Tournament at stars i have a small amount of MTT Winnings going into my Bankroll. 

Here are the Stats and Figures so far. 


BR: 83.26$

1x VIP Stellar Reward 50$ 

6$ from the VIP Tournament yesterday. 

Nl2 Zoom 170 hands -0.05$; -1.47BB/100 (ALL in EV +1.56$)

NL2$ 18504 hands +26.50$; 7.16BB/100 (ALL in EV +22.73$)

Nl2€ 4191 hands -32.03$; -29.01BB/100 (ALL in EV -17.30$) 


So Overall: 

22860 Hands -5.66$ +0.47BB/100 (ALL in EV +6.99$)


Hope i can get more hands in for next week!



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