#5 Grinding it Up from NL2 to...?

 photo thatstrong: Heavy worker. Lazy Grinder :) but overall everything is fine :) Play close to everything.
Some Goals reached!

Hey guys, 


my 5th part of my way through the microstakes is on :) 


Last week there were some goals i reached and im pretty happy about that!

For me i calculated with roundabout 30k hands for each month! So as i started at 14th of august im now a little bit above 31k hands and im feeling pretty comfortable with that. 

30k hands is the minimum i want to play every month to have a good samplesize in a year and hopefully have also a good samplesize for each and every limit. 

So as i quitt the euro tables, as i wrote in a post some days ago i started to really improve my game on NL2 so yesterday i started with NL5 :) 

It was really good start so i land up on NL5 after 3.2k hands with +13.17$ so i think this is a really solide start and of course a lot of more VPPs. 


So here are the stats for my Challenge so far. 


BR: 111.06$ 

Winnings from Challenge: 20.44$ 

NL5: +13.17$ (3.2k hands) 

NL2 (zoom): -0.05$ (170hands) 

NL2€: -32.03$ (4.2k hands) 

Nl2$: +39.35$ (23.7k hands) 

50$ Stellar Reward 

6$ VIP Silver (100FPPs MTT) 


The Picture shows my overall line 

As well as my NL2$ line

And the First NL5$ line after one day! 

and to summ it up the overall stats of the Limits im playing!


So i hope my english was not that bad, and of course next week i try to figure out some hands for a good discussion 


Greetings and of course gl at the tables :) 


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