#6 Grinding it Up from NL2 to...?

 photo thatstrong: Heavy worker. Lazy Grinder :) but overall everything is fine :) Play close to everything.
A smaller Samplesize but a good one :)

Hey Guys, 

its been a while since i wrote my last update. No im not quitting my way through the limits, i was just pretty busy the last 2 weeks in my normal job so i didnt find enough time to grind and focusing.

As you can see on the picture i only managed to play 9k hands the last 2 weeks so i really focused on 2 things.

First thing was to find my groove on nl5. 

2nd was trying to get my bad nl2€ results to a bit better ones :) 

NL5: What its about to say on NL5, after i moved up it was like really starting well and jumping up to +30$ on this stake so everything went well and i was really thinking like NL5 i will get through easily and fast. 
As you can see now, im +21$ after close to 10k hands. so it was like the first time playing nl2 again. ABSOLUTELY SWINGY. on the hand calling like a god, hitting like Phil Taylor nailed the Tripple20 but on the other hand Check-calling too much and playing strange hands against strange people. Microstakes its all about playing ABC Poker and this fucking shit called DISCIPLINE :)

NL2€: After i managed to increase my table amount from 8 to regular 9 Tables, im trying to play at least 2 tables of NL2€ to get that -32$ to at least 0$. Now im standing on -14$ 2k hands after i started again so im pretty happy with that also. 

For the next 2 Weeks everything im focus on is trying to push that +53.33$ closer to a plus of 100$ and of course need to increase my Samplesize cause till 14th october i need to be at 60k hands :) 


For all its going pretty well it could be better if i managed to play more focuse but its definitely increasing and getting better all the time :) 


So see you next guys and definitely gl at the tables


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