Grinding it up! from NL2 to .......

 photo thatstrong: Heavy worker. Lazy Grinder :) but overall everything is fine :) Play close to everything.
Starting Banrkoll on Pokerstars is 34,62$ Starting Limit NL2 6max!

Hey guys, 


after cashing out close to my entire Bankroll of Pokerstars to play more Live Poker Tournaments and Cash im founding myself down to 30$. 

Inspired by the great xflixx (TeamOnline Pro of Pokerstars) i started myself grinding it up from 34,62$ to (we will see) ??

Here is my Bankrollmanagement as is want it to do so! And i will do one update at least during the week to see how long I will need to play at least nl25! 

Its all 6max

Stake Currency Min BR Max BR Limit Down
NL2 $ 0$ 100$  
NL2 50$ 100$  40$
NL5 $ 100$ 300$ 80$
NL5 175$ 300$ 150$
NL10 $ 300$ 640$ 240$
NL10 450$ 640$ 380$
NL16 $ 640$ 1250$ 500$
NL25 $ 1250$ 3000$ 1000$
NL25 2000$ 3000$ 1600$

As i play nl25 6 max before i wont wait till i have the sample size of 20k hands or so as long as the Bankroll is fine to move up :) 

Stellar Rewards will also count to the Bankroll so my next 50$ is only 150VPPs away :) 

As i started on August the 14th i have already 2.3k hands in the books so my bankroll is up to 43.40$ and im looking forward to grind some more hands today before leaving to the Casino!




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