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In Bolivia, play online but prefer live. Definite losing player but trying to change that.


1136 days ago
I know that I got involved in a hand that was rigged, I just want to know the odds of this happening. Check this out... There was a dealer change when the game runner of the table I was playing at was dealt QJ hearts. The small blind (3rd most in chips) was dealt two black Kings. The big blind (me, 1st in chips) was dealt two black Aces. The first to act was dealt 10 10 both black. There was a three bet by me and four flat calls (very loose table, I didn't think much of it.) The flop was A K of hearts and 8 of clubs. The small blind shoved and I snap shoved as well. Pocket tens folded and the dealer (game runner) thought for a second and called. The turn was a 10 of hearts for his royal flush. That's the three first to act with sets and the dealer with a royal flush. I know it was a rigged hand but I want to know the odds to convince the donkeys that still go to this game that it is rigged. Thanks!

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